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  1. andmark

    Any England or Australia Fans Who Don't Enjoy The Ashes?

    For pretty much all of my time as a cricket fan, I've enjoyed the traditions and history of the Ashes. It almost feels like cricket's birth story and the imagery of titans like Bradman, Botham and Warne fighting for such a tiny urn can't help but feel immense. That said, I've found myself not...
  2. andmark


    Safe, conservative and boring, or dangerous, unusual and bizarre, does anyone have any predictions of pretty much any nature for this tournament? I'm thinking India to win the tournament with Kohli being the top scorer. I reckon weather will also have an influence on proceedings, with numerous...
  3. andmark

    Greatest All-Round Athlete Ever

    I used the search button but couldn't find anything about what I'm talking about, so here we go. Who is/was the greatest athlete ever? I'm not talking just athletics nor do I mean the best sportsperson. Rather I'm talking in terms of who had the best physical abilities ever. The obvious ways of...
  4. andmark

    Better host: Australia or New Zealand?

    As it says on the tin; who's been the better of the two host nations in terms of hosting (not on field performance), Australia or New Zealand? I'd go with New Zealand. I've really enjoyed the small ground feel of the NZ matches. The crowds have been greatly enthusiastic and seem friendly; the...
  5. andmark

    Leg Spin Thread

    I hope Zorax won't mind me adopting his/ your idea of creating a mega-thread thread for the discussion of leg spin. There's been many threads on both styles of spin and, as Zorax has rightly done, it would be useful just to have mega threads for the two style of spin to concentrate thought...
  6. andmark

    Best opposition fans

    Who are the best fans other than your own country's? The Sub-continental countries clearly stand out due to the great enthusiasm they show, but specifically Sri Lanka's fans stand out to me. I went to an England vs Sri Lanka game a few years a go and the Sri Lankan fans were great. A large...
  7. andmark

    Martial Art choice

    I wasn't sure whether to put this in the UFC thread, but I thought it would be a bit off-topic. I am interested in starting to do a martial art, however I'm not sure which one to do. I'm 16 with a fairly average frame (6ft, 78 kg). I want to gain good self defense ability whilst being able to...
  8. andmark

    Pakistan's Test Eligibility

    Forgive me if this thread has been made before, as I'm increasingly rarely on the forums. The elligibilty of Pakistan -as far as I'm aware- to play Test Cricket hasn't been an issue confronted "properly" by the ICC. As the current situation (as I'm sure any reader of this will know) stands...
  9. andmark

    Wisden- How important to Cricket is it?

    For 100+ years, the whole history of the game of Cricket has been recorded in little yellow books called Wisden Almanacks. These books are a gate way to knowledge and passion in the game of Cricket. (Now with the serious part) Whilst the ICC/MCC have organised most tours, settled matters and...
  10. andmark

    LBW- Do you think the specifics are fair?

    (I realise this thread has probably been made before, but I searched for it, and it wasn't there) Now I completely disagree with how a batsmen can't be out LBW if the ball pitches outside leg. What does that leave leg-spin bowlers to the majority of batsmen of whom are right handed? They can't...
  11. andmark

    Cricket journalism- How much do you have to know?

    Hi. I'm at the difficult age of fourteen, where I have to decide on a career. I am considering going into journalism of Cricket. What I want to know is, how much do you actually need to know to be a journalist of the game? And how much history it's relevant to know about the game.
  12. andmark

    How much do you think this book is worth...?

    I've been offered a copy of the book Cricket and All That signed by Dennis Compton and Bill Edrich (s.p) for £25. Do you think it is worth it? How much do you think it's worth? And do you think I would be able to make a profit from it? Any answers help is appreciated.
  13. andmark

    Most ammount of damage to equipment

    What's the most damaged peice of Cricket equipment you've seen. The dog got to this Cricket ball. Atleast it will turn now, and it's ball tampering to an extreme.
  14. andmark


    Test unsucessful
  15. andmark

    My signature...

    Sorry because I couldn't send an e-mail, my MSN account is dodgy at the moment (sending e-mails wouldn't work.) Anyway is my signature okay, the part in question is the part saying "no offence Neil." That has a link to a member called Neilpickstuffup. Neil has never talked to me about it...
  16. andmark

    A question

    When I try posting my screen, example. But when I try, it says upload of file failed. Is this because of the site or my computer? Also is there any other way of doing it?
  17. andmark

    Who do you want to top the medal table?

    I want China to top the medal table
  18. andmark

    The warning law.

    What's is the warning law in Cricket, and when is a "warning" given? Any help would be extremely appreciated.
  19. andmark

    Search forum

    The search forum feature needs to be sorted out, and have narrowed down more. Today I'm going to make a thread without searching the forum, because I know it will say: 4,000 results found. Could we please have this sorted out?
  20. andmark

    Spin coaches in Liverpool

    My father insists that I should develop my spin bowling. So does anyone know where there's a spin bowling coach in Liverpool. Any help would be extremely appreciated!