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Search results

  1. burr

    *Official* Australia in Pakistan 2022

    And to think Harris was selected ahead of this man. CW posts will attest to me being a major U.K. critic over the years but I even I laughed in the face of that selection.
  2. burr

    Shane Warne dead at 52

    He changed cricket but didn't change it in a way because what he did can't be repeated or learned or modified and built upon. I was very lucky to be a child of the 90s and grow up watching him. Took it for granted back then of course because I didn't know anything else. Vale Shane Warne.
  3. burr

    commentary complaints thread

    I find Mitchell adds nothing, although 'Haydos' rattling on to 'Blue' last night and completely ignoring Mitchell (the third comm in the box) was doing my head in. Botham gets paid to do nothing, as far as I can tell, so I guess he is doing that, you're correct.
  4. burr

    commentary complaints thread

    Listening to 7 yesterday there is a lot of dead-weight: Botham, Fleming, Mitchell, Hayden, Blewett, Brayshaw. I have always loved Tim Lane since his ABC days. Such a good commentator. A bit wasted on tv though.
  5. burr

    *Official* New Zealand in Australia 2019/20

    Has Labuschagne dropped more catches than he's taken in test cricket?
  6. burr

    Tim Paine fail thread

    But if u believe reports it was his alone and a surprise to all. I still think it was a completely dumb decision.
  7. burr

    Strange commentary thread.

    Sky is now better than TMS I reckon. People like Nasser and Ricky are professionals. TMS has become horribly partisan and I feel sad for them. If you are being paid to call the game I should not know which team you support apart from making an assumption based on your accent. This use of we and...
  8. burr

    Any England or Australia Fans Who Don't Enjoy The Ashes?

    I think it tends to bring out the worst in fans and the media on both sides. So that does dent the enjoyment a bit, becomes less about the cricket and more this jingoistic bs.
  9. burr

    5th Test at The Oval, London

    How has Harris played this number of matches? So undeserving and he just seems like a bit of a **** too.
  10. burr

    5th Test at The Oval, London

    Yeah, I've been really impressed with his series. Good on him.
  11. burr

    5th Test at The Oval, London

    Dropped catches happen but the Head drop (and retain people like Harris) and the bowl first are just really off. And not hindsight b/c my mouth literally dropped open when I saw Paine say bowl first. It's the Oval!
  12. burr

    Steve Waugh Tour Diaries?

    As a kid, they were good for the pictures and the social tidbits on your favourite players. And now they are good for 90s nostalgia. His photo one (images of Waugh) was quite good. Not as good as Mark Ray's though. Cricket: the Game behind the Game. Love that book.
  13. burr

    Australian test selection 2019-2020

    It also surely means he's safe for the fourth test which irritates me. At least put a bit of pressure on him. He's so frustrating. Living proof why sport is 90 per cent mental, 10 per cent talent.
  14. burr

    4th Test at Old Trafford, Manchester

    I honestly think, considering how atrocious the top seven is bar smith, it'd be a massive upset if Australia won/drew in England.
  15. burr

    4th Test at Old Trafford, Manchester

    So, we just need rain for the final two tests. That'll suit me fine thanks.
  16. burr

    Australian test selection 2019-2020

    Starc will play for sure. None of warner harris Khawaja or wade could have cause for complaint if dropped which says a lot.
  17. burr

    3rd Test at Headingley, Leeds

    It was that bit that was more impressive in a way. He's a phenomenon.
  18. burr

    3rd Test at Headingley, Leeds

    Leach only facing 17 balls is an indictment on Australia and heroic of stokes.
  19. burr

    3rd Test at Headingley, Leeds

    Of course where it was really lost was not putting England to bed in innings three. 350 always gettable these days. Hard obviously, but gettable.
  20. burr

    3rd Test at Headingley, Leeds

    Ouch. That was a choke. Brought about by stokes of course who scared the Aussies s***less (as he probably would anyone) but a choke none the less. Australia really just never win the close ones, as Glenn Mcgrath said on tms