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Search results

  1. Flying V

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    Wow I'm loving this form we've found ourselves in now, love my OD spot too.
  2. Flying V

    So Who Is Still Interested?

    YA Fjermestad
  3. Flying V

    Dev League Check-In

    YA Fjermestad CW Colts
  4. Flying V

    From The Pavillion

    Two epic pops this week: Tommy Boy to Reliable Bowling: Wishbone Ash >> Tom Sieunarine >> DetailsPlayer Details Team (Youth) Wishbone Ash Talents Skilled (Bowling) Bats Right hand batsman Bowls Right arm Finger spin Wage $2,364 Rating 26,117 Nationality West Indies Age 19 Form capable Fatigue...
  5. Flying V

    From The Pavillion

    I won a closely rated game today due to tactics+fielding, and probably the importance of technique. From the Pavilion - Free Online Cricket Management Game I had the better match ratings but I had put out a bit better squad by replacing a spinner with my 19 year old LM Franklin. Taaffe...
  6. Flying V

    From The Pavillion

    There is always the difference between individual performance and team performance. Fielding doesn't really affect an individual's ability to bat or bowl, it does however make the team harder to score runs/get runouts against. A high fielding team will lose less bats from runouts, and give out...
  7. Flying V

    FTP Ratings

    Match Ratings Wishbone Ash bar galaxy Batting - Top Order: 5,046 2,816 Batting - Middle Order: 4,810 2,468 Batting - Tail: 1,618 1,779 Bowling - Seam: 5,586 (4) 2,672 (6) Bowling - Spin: 6,439 (6) 2,561 (4) Fielding/Keeping: 6,475 3,229 Overall: 94,192 49,298 Bot bashing madness. 1. Scaly...
  8. Flying V

    From The Pavillion

    As assistant to the World Cup winning U19 side, I can assure you all our players were incredibly well rounded, good endurance, fielding and technique. The primary heavy sides all failed miserably. Also unbanned from the forums, DZ had made a mistake when I was banned and permabanned me by...
  9. Flying V

    From The Pavillion

    hahahahhaha I was banned from the FTP forums. No I mean fielding in general, like a training regime would be primary/tech to cap/cap and then fielding to ord and then back to primary/tech training You'll notice fielding a lot more if your team has a lot greater fielding than the opposing side...
  10. Flying V

    The Colts Thread

    Oh yeah, I'd like to be given a new contract too... WITH A PAYRISE ffs :( starving over here.
  11. Flying V

    From The Pavillion

    Luckily I don't follow Middlesbrough, or the premier league at all anymore for that matter.
  12. Flying V

    From The Pavillion

    No pops and getting more and more annoyed with snotty managers when I tell them what to train their 16 year old south african hopefuls on. Basically just get: "Who are you and why" or "What the hell do you mean train fielding to ordinary in a seasons time? What good would that do!" Just with...
  13. Flying V

    The Colts Thread

    Hopefull be kept in the squad after good performances :laugh: haha I jest but no seriously, payrise, Rai's wet towels are now dried and crusty and they smell :(
  14. Flying V

    From The Pavillion

    I can't believe it's not butter! I mean that I lost the Windies U19 elections to... that thing.
  15. Flying V

    The Colts Thread

    Colts are the win and Dan is the *** :D
  16. Flying V

    Off Season Activity Check

    Yngve Fjermestad raped into activity.
  17. Flying V

    *Official* Club Cricket Season XIV-XV

    Name: Yngve Fjermestad Club of Application: Texas Email: daltfornorged @ hotmail.com Intentions: Improve batting (ie stop sucking balls)
  18. Flying V

    Best FTP over ever

    By our very own Dan Rai nontheless, needed 24 for 50 and by god he did it End of over 20 (24 runs) - Wishbone Ash(171-3) RR 8.55 D. Rai 50 (20b) , D. Ni****a 16 (9b) , H. Torres 4-0-58-0 That is 50 runs for Rai (20b 9x4 0x6) SR:250.00 19.6 4 Torres to Rai : [misfield] Rivera puts a foot out...
  19. Flying V

    State of Origin Series

    Ah yes, I'd love to be part of a rest of europe.
  20. Flying V

    Post season let off steam friendlies?

    What a massive performance from Ritchie, absolutely key in the victory. Mittal and Pimpkins essential in the bowling attack to get them all out in time.