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  1. Rik

    Here's an idea for Englands ODI squad!!

    Oi! We ain't that bad! Anyway I don't remember 164* this season...are you sure it was Shropshire? Last time I saw Solanki over here he got out for less than 10 because he skied every shot he played, he just can't play on a pitch more challanging than a road.
  2. Rik

    Can anyone tell me when...

    Well people seem to have forgotten opening post in this thread then! I was asking when they are getting married because I'm tired of all the flirting and adoring looks and I want concrete evidence that Mark Nicholas is truely in love with him and wants him to be his one and only :)
  3. Rik

    Can anyone tell me when...

    I broke my rule, but then, I thought, why not? Marc, where did I say that? Where? Come on, someone show me! This is why arguing with you is like hitting your head against a solid brick wall, you never get anything out of it other than a headache. Doesn't look like you've changed one bit, still...
  4. Rik

    Can anyone tell me when...

    ...the wedding between Mark Nicholas and Stephen Harmison will take place? Please remember this question is rhetorical, I will not be returning to this page, so don't even bother Marc.
  5. Rik

    Mashonaland not interisted in trade.

    Ok, look, I'm happy with my team so stop bothering me!!!
  6. Rik

    Four Day Playoffs

    Mashonaland Team I Ward D Mongia J Gallian B Rogers A Symonds C Adams M Burns K Sami S Mushtaq R Cunningham H Bradley Keeper: M Burns Captain: C Adams
  7. Rik

    **OFFICIAL WCC Confirmed Trades Thread**

    Here's to that! Mashonaland Confirm
  8. Rik

    Division 5 - 1 day - Round 10

    British Summer Time's back over here, so we can actually see what's happening after 6pm! I don't know how that affects the time difference between England and Australia but I wouldn't mind knowing so I know when I have to post my team. Mr P still giving his tailenders a go?
  9. Rik

    Division 5 - 1 day - Round 10

    Mashonaland C Adams M Burns A Petal D Mongia J Gallian E De Silva I Ward C Tremlett S Mushtaq K Sami R Cunningham Captain: C Adams Keeper: M Burns 2nd Place Mashonaland to face the runaway leaders Jamaica. Victory for Mashonaland will see the 2 teams level on points, with net run rate...
  10. Rik

    Urgent Change!!! All Managers Read!!!!

    Well the main problem, if it is true, is that when all the Div 5 Teams came into the WCC, they had no such help. But I can't see how 2 players can be taken out without anyone explaining how they will be replaced, certainly the draft can't cope with 2 more players being picked, and the new teams...
  11. Rik

    Urgent Change!!! All Managers Read!!!!

    It's not April 1st...but maybe it is in Australia...:rolleyes:
  12. Rik

    Urgent Change!!! All Managers Read!!!!

    Or in my case, my best batsman I got from a good draft position and now he's given away, and the other one of my best bowlers who I traded my star all-rounder for, both with no replacements.:rolleyes:
  13. Rik

    Four Day Round 9 - Div 5

    Mashonaland B Rogers D Mongia I Ward J Gallian A Symonds C Adams M Burns K Sami S Mushtaq R Cunningham H Bradley Keeper: M Burns Captain: C Adams K Sami comes in for the injured Gus Mackay.
  14. Rik


    Yet another point that proves nothing. He's playing Australia, Australia are a better batting side! GET IT?
  15. Rik

    **Official** England in The West Indies

    But it isn't, there's Gayle, there's the young Devon Smith who scored a ton last game, remember? There's Ryan Hinds who looks better than Thorpe does at the moment, and Sarwan's a much better player than one LBW down legside and another that was a bit high, and 2 0s.
  16. Rik

    Murali bowling with a astraight arm

    When someone brings out such a totally different delivery it's not uncommon for people to be wary of it. From what I've read all Mr Elliot has said is that the mere mention of Murali's new delivery considering all the variables that need to take place so that he could bowl it, just make him...
  17. Rik


    As you said, and if you had read what I posted you would understand that I explained exactly why it isn't really an amazing advantage, taking into account of their major weapons, Murali's spin and Warne's bounce and spin...Warne bowls better in bouncy conditions...
  18. Rik

    Murali bowling with a astraight arm

    Since the picture is taken from pretty much straight on and his arm is facing the opposite way to his normal delivery. You are seeing a picture of an arm from front-ways and seeing his elbow from that angle makes it impossible to tell if it's bent or not, except for the tell tale signs, where...
  19. Rik

    Reon King

    Re: Re: Re: Reon King The current tail isn't exactly something to shout about! Best is the only one who can hold a bat and he's very hit and miss. Rose had a bit of batting talent, as did Nixon McLean, but both were very inconsistant with both bat and ball. I guess the best tail you could...
  20. Rik

    **Official** Australia in Sri Lanka