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Search results

  1. AaronK

    **Official** Group B Discussion

    i would take razzaq and afridi any day over malik and Kamran akmal.. I understand pak may not have any other option.. but just saying.. both razzaq and afridi better option than malik and Kamran akmal.. hell hand umar akmal the gloves and he would do a better job not only in batting but wicket...
  2. AaronK

    **Official** Group B Discussion

    it is just funny how cricinfo calling pak favorite.. with what. they can't bat to put up 200 runs... no umar akmal, afridi, and razzaq. I don't see them qualifying to semis. .who in their right mind would play malik and akmal in English conditions.. look at their track record against fast bowlers.
  3. AaronK

    Ashraful suspended amid fixing probe

    Back in 2010 when spot fixing hit the Pakistani camp... there is this jack ass that we all know as sarfaraz Nawaz went on tv and accused so many players of match and spot fixing..he even said matches during ipl 2009 was fixed too.. I am afraid to say that most of his predictions are coming...
  4. AaronK

    IPL Spot Fixing Scandal

    I told you guys already that a Pakistani has to be involved in this.. I mean cmon it is spot fixing and match fixing.. we have created this.. our heros have done this for years and years.. lol I won't be surprised if azhar mahmood's name pop up somewhere..
  5. AaronK

    IPL Spot Fixing Scandal

    they should investigate azhar mahmood.. he has to be involved..after all he is Pakistani but regardless, I never liked sreesanth... I will be happy to see him ban for life..
  6. AaronK

    Who's better Dravid or Ponting

    Dravid I will take a dravid any day over a dikhead ponting..
  7. AaronK

    **Official** Indian Premier League 2013

    ipl is getting boring.. IPL is like indian masala movies.. and too much masala isn't good for you (except the movies that salman khan is starring.. simply because salman is better than any actors and cricketers in the world) ..it is just killing it for me.. they should make this short and...
  8. AaronK

    Dale Steyn among the top three pacers of all time, says Waqar Younis

    disagreed... not even in my all time top 10 list
  9. AaronK

    Battle of the Infamous

    Salim Malik, and mohmmmad asif.. how could they not be the winner of this...not fair at all Gilchrist for me then
  10. AaronK

    Battle of the Infamous

    Asif the guy was talented.. one of the best bowlers I have seen bowle but just bad person
  11. AaronK

    **Official** Indian Premier League 2013

    by far the best ipl... almost all the matches are nail bitter so far
  12. AaronK

    Battle of the Infamous

    Malik.. a disgracefull human being..
  13. AaronK

    Battle of the Infamous

    Salim Malik for me Because he actually threw matches.. asif did spot fixing but malik did it all.. fixed matches.. got other players involved and he still claims that he is innocent.. I will not be surprise if a Pakistani win this.. they had some of the worst players and charactors over...
  14. AaronK

    Inzamam or Pietersen

    Saeed was good till 98.. yousuf didn't peak until 2003.. while younis peaked 2005.. around 2000 to 2004.. he couldn't even keep his place in the team.. When inzi arrived maindad was all done.. he was way past his prime while malik was involved in match fixing controversy... between 94 to 2004...
  15. AaronK

    Jesse Ryder Seriously Injured during attack at Christchurch bar

    great to see the big man doing better.. I have been checking cricinfo religiously trying to get update on his condition.
  16. AaronK

    Left Handed ATXI for All Teams

    Our luck we end up with Imran farhat yet again lol
  17. AaronK

    Inzamam or Pietersen

    Inzi Two reasons 1st he faced donald, pollock, walsh, ambross and McGrath more than kp.. and we all know that today's bowlers or the standard of bowling can't even close to that era... 2nd KP always had better supporter.. Either cook, Bell, Struss and so onn.. on ther other hand..Inzi was...
  18. AaronK

    ****Official****Pakistan in South Africa

    How will the result of this serious effect the test ranking?? lets say if pak win.. will they will become number one??
  19. AaronK

    **Official** Pakistan in India

    a LOSS TO INDIAN should not be tolerated.. plz get rid of sohail tanvir and kamran akmal..
  20. AaronK

    **Official** Ponting Tribute Thread

    gone and i hope i saw the last of him.. he was a cheater and never had the respect and sportmanship that other greats like Dravid.. Kallis and soo on had..