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    Dhoni's wedding : Beginning of a new drama?

    Dhoni's wife is :huh::ph34r:
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    The Power of Hypocrisy - an anti BCCI rant

    just to clarify, i didn't say brown in a (race) sense. I meant brown in cultural sense. hypocrite and cheating is really easily accepted in the brown culture, its a norm there. For example a brown person raised in america would have american cultural values. so no, i dont mean race at all, i...
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    The Power of Hypocrisy - an anti BCCI rant

    one thing i have learned in life is that most brown people in the world are hypocrites and cheat. No wonder our countries are so backwards
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    If Javed Miandad makes a comeback?

    If Javed Miandad makes a comeback, how much do you think he will average? I think 28.
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    Road to the 2011 ODI World Cup

    I hope England wins both football and cricket world cup, that would be amazing
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    40-over Format

    IF this is the only thing that can save ODI cricket from dieing then do it please.
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    PCB Hands Out Bans - Discussion and Aftermath

    This is getting stupid and out of hand, not the PCB but the so many threads about PCB. WTH is going on, why can't you guys post in One thread.
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    PCB Hands Out Bans - Discussion and Aftermath

    Younis should now only play test matches, he is a good test batsmen but he is a average ODI player and a poor 20/20 player There are many other youngesters that can be tried for ODI's and 20/20
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    Do you think?

    Do you think international cricketers actually surf this forum? since it is one of the biggest forums on cricket. Do you think they see us discussing about them. What if some of them are members of this forum?
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    Akhtar to make comeback

    actually i am hoping next years world cup will be and hopefully he will win the world cup single handedly for pakistan
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    Akhtar to make comeback

    he is back in form, he took 17 wickets in 3 ODIS in domestic matches
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    *Official* Zimbabwe Tri-Series (Zimbabwe, India, Sri Lanka)

    looks like Zimbabwe are back in the Game!!!! almost after a decade of being crap, hopefully they can reach the 1999 level again
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    *Official* Asia Cup Thread

    ^ would love to see Graham Gooch Vs Shoaib Akhtar contest
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    A middle ground between Test Cricket and ODI

    how about 40 over ODI's? they would be better in opinion, though it would hard for anyone to get double century that way
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    One of the best ODI's, England Vs West Indies 1986

    Can't believe W Slack died in 1989. he looked like a good player, why did he only play 2 ODI's?
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    One of the best ODI's, England Vs West Indies 1986

    How did Gooch finish the game?
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    Why is Pakistani cricket such a mess?

    Where to be exact? I mean pakistan is probably the 6th or 7th strongest country military wise. I dont think we can topple ISI or the army so easily. if only we used this great army to help the people of the country.
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    Hashim Amla ~ Discussion

    Like i said when i made this thread, this guy is the next big thing also Angelo Matthews of Sri lanka could be the next big all rounder
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    Most Handsome Cricketer?

    why so many cricketers go bald? any one wondered that?
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    Mohammad Ashraful

    he is weird batsmen, i mean he has 5 amazing centuries, I still remember the amazing 158* he scored back in 2004. sometimes he looks like he is total control, looks similar to Lara or Shewag, but most times he plays terrible shots. Not sure why that is, he has talent but he is not using it...