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Search results

  1. K

    Best sportsman named Ben

    Khabib the Eagle.
  2. K

    The MMA/UFC Thread

    Khabib has the ability to humble him at any given moment.
  3. K

    Cricket world cup ODI 2023

    India will host the ODI world cup 2023, So, I am very exited to see the performance of the non Asian team in Asian condition. Hope every match will be very entertaining. What are you thinking who will be the champ? I hope India and Pakistan will be better performer.
  4. K

    *Official* Road to 2022 World Cup

    Spain breaks their previous record and gives their best.
  5. K

    Ping pong

    The rubber you should use really depends on your current ability and what you feel you should be using. It's difficult for me to keep up with all the different rubbers when there are thousands of choices out there. The three rubbers I can recommend. Mark V is an excellent rubber and is ideal for...
  6. K

    Group 2 (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Netherlands)

    Most likely, they won't qualify for next year's World Cup.