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Search results

  1. Quaggas

    Group F - Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea

    Thanks, chief. Owe you one.
  2. Quaggas

    Best South African post-isolation XI

    Suppose the definition varies across geography and time
  3. Quaggas

    Best South African post-isolation XI

    Yeah, basically more mid-80's with any that played before isolation excluded.
  4. Quaggas

    Best South African post-isolation XI

    Robin Jackman picks his South African XI of the 80s Excludes anyone that ever played a test for SA (eg Pollock, Richards). Don't think it stacks up, but quite a few that would have gone well, one thinks - Rice, Kourie, Kirsten. Latter better than his brother imo. Also, ofc, excludes player of...
  5. Quaggas

    National Hockey League Thread

    Bradmanesque stats there
  6. Quaggas

    ***Official*** Australia in South Africa 2018

    A class act
  7. Quaggas

    ***Official*** Australia in South Africa 2018

    :cheers: Morne, wag, champ, sorry about all the BS distractions
  8. Quaggas

    ***Official*** ICC World Cup Qualifiers 2018

    Loving it.
  9. Quaggas

    ***Official*** 4th Test at the MCG

    Got to hand it to Cook. Respect.
  10. Quaggas

    ***Official*** South African Domestic Season 2017/18

    SeamUp and Cie a country mile better than cricinfo for keeping up on SA cricket from afar. Ta.
  11. Quaggas

    Identify the wicket from the commentary

    Greig, Andrew Hall c Clark b Lee in *that* ODI?
  12. Quaggas

    *** Official*** South Africa in England 2017

    Sprinklers (?) at 45-50s turned on to make him look like he's on fire in the nets. Subtle marketing, #ProteaFire
  13. Quaggas

    ***Official*** South Africa in New Zealand 2017

    Agree in principle,but the main issue is motivation, role models, "I want to be like Mike" etc.So a certain amount of forced representation is probably a good idea to encourage full blown investemnt by the youngsters themselves. Utterly useless if not accompanied by opportunities, of course.
  14. Quaggas

    ***Official*** Australia in India 2017

    Now we're talking. 25% of SA's GDP....
  15. Quaggas

    ***Official*** Sri Lanka in South Africa 2016/2017

    Amusing that circinfo calls it an "axing" of Abbott. It's kinda the other way around, really.
  16. Quaggas

    ***Official*** Australia in South Africa + South Africa in Australia 2016/17

    gg, admit to being rather depressed when Steyn was injured. Winning in Amanzimtoti East is one thing, excited for game next in 9th circle of Hell.
  17. Quaggas

    ***Official*** Australia in South Africa + South Africa in Australia 2016/17

    For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. :ph34r:
  18. Quaggas

    **Official** County Cricket 2016

    Feels like I've wandered into a discussion about what to do with Greece, 2 or so years late.
  19. Quaggas

    South African/New Zealand draft

    Wins it all right there
  20. Quaggas

    Olympics - does anyone actually care anymore?

    Woah, WR outta lane 8. Sub-43 would have been icing, so close. NBC mentioned him as an afterthought before the race with their love-in on the Grenada and US runners, lol