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Search results

  1. bagapath

    Imran Khan vs Richard Hadlee

    as a fast bowler, there is no way anyone can be deemed better than imran. for a few years, he was possibly the greatest bowler ever seen on planet earth. the level of excellence he showed in 1981/82 cannot ever be forgotten. hadlee-marshall-mcgrath-imran are all on the same tier.
  2. bagapath

    Imran Khan vs Richard Hadlee

    both points are disputable hadlee was no less a cricketer than anyone bar Sobers. his bowling was good enough to win him a place in any all time xi. his lower order batting and good fielding would bring up his ranking on par with the many no.2s behind sobers; of which imran is one. they are neck...
  3. bagapath

    Greatest Fast bowler of this century after McGrath/ Steyn ?

    Rabada is my favourite Find him more capable of single handed destruction than anyone else on the list
  4. bagapath

    Jacques Kallis vs Glenn Mcgrath

    come on @Burgey!!!!! hahahahaha
  5. bagapath

    Rank, in terms of personal importance, the value of these triumphs for your team?

    Away England Pak Away England Away Aus Away SA ODI WC WTC T20 WC
  6. bagapath

    The ATG Teams General arguing/discussing thread

    te technically, the rest of the world can have Warne as the spinner
  7. bagapath

    The ATG Teams General arguing/discussing thread

    Who wins the battle between A XI from those who debuted between 1970-74 Gavaskar Greenidge Viv Richards Greg Chappell Kallicharan Greig * Imran Khan Marsh + Lillee Thomson Roberts vs A XI from those who debuted between 1975-79 Gooch Haynes Gower Miandad Border * Botham Kapil Kirmani +...
  8. bagapath

    Best Test century amongst these in winning cause ?

    I have gone for Lara's because it was in the fourth innings against a very very good bowling attack and that performance changed the mood of the entire team which was sliding down rapidly But it was almost impossible to not vote for Stokes and Botham and Laxman. Good poll!
  9. bagapath

    CricketWeb selects the ATG ODI XI

    All rounders for an ATG ODI XI Jayasuriya Watson Kallis Yuvraj Stokes Dhoni + Imran * Kapil Afridi Pollock Hadlee
  10. bagapath

    All time Asian-XI

    ODI XI Sachin Tendulkar Sanath Jayasurya Virat Kohli Aravinda De Silva Yuvraj Singh MS Dhoni + Imran Khan * Kapil Dev Wasim Akram Waqar Younis Muralitharan
  11. bagapath

    Test batsmen and bowlers peaks. Criteria: At least 5 years and at least 40 innings

    Ponting and Kallis averaging 72+ over 100+ innings is just amazing
  12. bagapath

    What are the odds that Babar, Shaheen and Rizwan enter the Pakistan ATG Test XI by the end of their careers?

    He makes it to the top 20 in my list Marshall Hadlee Ambrose McGrath Steyn Imran Lillee Trueman Lindwall Barnes Akram Donald Holding Garner Davidson S Pollock Waqar Walsh Anderson Roberts
  13. bagapath

    All time Asian-XI

    Second XI Anwar Jayasuriya Miandad Kohli * Younis Pant + Mankad Ashwin Waqar Fazal Bumrah
  14. bagapath

    All time Asian-XI

    Gavaskar Sehwag Dravid Tendulkar Sangakara Imran Shakib Dhoni + * Kapil Akram Murali
  15. bagapath

    Would Ponting make an Aussie all-time XI?

    Ponting was a superb no.3; but he cant compete with Bradman for that place. So his preferred position is ruled out. For no 4 Smith and G Chappell have the edge over him. At no 5 or 6 Border and S Waugh are better choices. Their game - more graft and totally frills free - suited the position...
  16. bagapath

    All-rounder XI vs Specialist XI

    Sachin has 154 wickets in ODIs. tough to ignore that and treat him only as a batsman in that format. same with Viv; 100+ ODI wickets.
  17. bagapath

    All-rounder XI vs Specialist XI

    trying to use 44 different players All-rounders XI for 50 overs Jayasurya Watson Shakib Yuvraj Stokes Dhoni + Imran * Kapil Flintoff S Pollock Hadlee Specialists XI for 50 overs Anwar Hayden Ponting * Lara Hussey Healy + Garner Murali Waqar Donald McGrath All-rounders XI for Tests Mankad...
  18. bagapath

    The Greatest Overs Ever

  19. bagapath

    The greatest cricketers from the subcontinent - how would you rank them?

    If we add Sehwag, we have a team already Gavaskar Sehwag Dravid Tendulkar Miandad Sangakara + Imran * Shakib Kapil Akram Murali Waqar, Younis Khan, Dhoni, Aravinda, Mankad to make the 16 member squad
  20. bagapath

    The greatest cricketers from the subcontinent - how would you rank them?

    Imran Murali Tendulkar Gavaskar Akram Kapil Sangakara Miandad Dravid Shakib would probably be my top 10 Asian cricketers