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    Domestic Season

    As each day goes by it becomes increasingly likely that little or no domestic cricket will be played. What are the county clubs likely to do in terms of their members who have paid a full years subscription. I doubt they have the financial resources to refund it in full.
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    England Tour of Sri Lanka - Where Can I buy Match Tickets in Advance

    I will be going to Sri Lanka next year to watch England play Sri Lanka. All the flights and accommodation is booked but I still need to buy match tickets and would like to buy these in advance, where do I buy them please.
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    2020 Domestic Fixtures on Spreadsheet

    Does anyone know if there is a spreadsheet with the English domestic features
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    England Tour Sri Lanka 2020

    I am planning to go to Sri Lanka when England are touring in March 2020. We wanted to go there anyway but have waited until England were touring. Does anyone know when the dates are likely to be announced and if it will be possible to buy tickets in advance in this country without having to...
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    Policy on Rain Affected Matches

    I understand that either a partial or full refund will be given on matches affected by rain but I am not sure on one point. Do you actually have to enter the ground to qualify for the refund or it it automatically given to anyone who bought a ticket. I am thinking of the Pakistan v Sri Lanka...
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    County Cricket Fixture List

    Hi Does anyone know of where I can find a list of all county and RL One Day Cup fixtures on an Excel spreadsheet. Thanks
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    England in West Indies 2019

    I am planning to go to the WI in 2019 to see some of the ODI's and tests. This will be the first time I have travelled to see England on Tour !! I am waiting for the fixtures to be released but in the meantime I was wondering where the ODI's are likely to be played and also if they will be...
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    England Cricket Tour of West Indies 2019

    Hi My first post to this forum. I am interested in travelling to the West Indies to watch some of the tour games in 2019 but don't want a specialist tour. Will I be able to buy tickets here in England before I go and if so is there a special mailing list I need to be on. Any advise on...