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Search results

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    Most Unluckiest Players

    Nick Knight was unlucky not to get a call-up for the test side last year. He averaged just under 100 in the County Championship and still doesn't get picked by the selectors.
  2. A

    Hussain steps down as England skipper

    England don't seem very lively and noisy in the field with Hussain as captain, but South Africa did. Maybe Vaughnie might make them more lively with a younger catain.
  3. A


    Neil, I got in the 3rd XI on Sat., and im only 14! Get in!
  4. A

    Best Pace Bowler

    You've got to have an on form Darren Gough in there somewhere, he's more accurate than Simon Jones.
  5. A

    So...what are you?

    Very slow scoring middle order batsman. In the nets a RMF bowler, but when I get to bowl in a match, the nerves get to me and I begin to bowl RSM.
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    Most Destructive Batsman in Onedayer!

    Sourav Ganguly, Adam Gilchrist and Mark Boucher can give it a good, clean thump when he's got his eye in.
  7. A

    Ure Favourite Fasts!

    Lee, more entertaining.
  8. A

    team colours

    Blue, end of that poll.
  9. A

    Simon Jones

    Wait until he gets on the bouncy Australian tracks, then we'll see if he's anything to write home about.
  10. A

    "I'm glad i'm not an Indian batter and facing Simon Jones"---Giles!!

    I think some Australians will have something to say about that!
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    Players Who You Predicted Would Be Great................

    Graeme Hick after first seeing him in county cricket.
  12. A

    players Who You Thought WOULDN'T Make It.............

    I never thought Alec Stewart would get so far up the all-time run scoring list and beating people like Sir Colin Cowdrey.
  13. A

    right handed 11 VS left handed 11

    I think Mahela Jayawardene should be in the right-handed side, along with Inzamam ul-Haq after that triple ton.
  14. A

    Do you think India is an entertaining team or a boring team?

    They are good to watch when they are playing their shots, but they aren't very entertaining when you look at their faces, they never seem to smile.
  15. A

    When will Aus come up with a quality allrounder??

    Warney used to be pretty good with the bat if I recall correctly.
  16. A

    Bangladesh & Test Status

    They are there so that Zimbabwe have got a team to hammer every time they play them.
  17. A

    Morocco Series.. SA..AUS..PAK

    They need to improve their ODI form.
  18. A

    Is cricket Religion in India??

    It is a religion and Tendulkar is the God.
  19. A

    The most exciting matches ever.....

    What about Headingley '81? Oh yes, I forgot this was an Australian website, (no offence!)
  20. A

    Topster's Tips: EA Sports Cricket 2002

    Thanks a lot, but I've just won the world cup on normal level but it won't let me unlock Sharjah. What do i do, Top_Cat?