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  1. four_or_six

    Watching cricket this summer in England without taking out a second mortgage.

    Hi all... so, after this calculation (for two people, vs South Africa): I have sadly decided against the Lord's ballot this year. I consider myself lucky enough to potentially be able to afford it, but thinking what else I can do with this kind of money - especially given I know who crappy the...
  2. four_or_six

    Dominic Cork retires

    England news: Dominic Cork announces retirement | England Cricket News | ESPN Cricinfo Just about the last link to all the heros when I was growing up. Still remember the kids cricket where everyone tried to appeal in the Cork star formation. The hat trick against WI is the abiding memory.
  3. four_or_six

    Do you love Alastair Cook?

    I do!
  4. four_or_six

    Claire Taylor retires

    England women's news: Claire Taylor announces retirement | Women's Cricket Cricket News | ESPN Cricinfo Sucks :( Surely she's one of England women's cricket's best ever players. She's been so key in all the success England have had recently, has played loads of big innings at important...
  5. four_or_six

    ***Official*** India in England 2011

    Discussion of the England v India series is in a subforum located here.
  6. four_or_six

    England-India - who's gonna win?

    Put your money where your mouth is...
  7. four_or_six

    *Official* Semi Final 1 - Sri Lanka vs New Zealand

    Sri Lanka v New Zealand Tue Mar 29 R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo 09:00 GMT | 14:30 local | 10:00 BST Sri Lanka squad Kumar Sangakkara (captain/keeper), Mahela Jayawardene, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Dilhara Fernando, Rangana Herath, Chamara Kapugedera, Nuwan Kulasekara, Lasith Malinga, Angelo...
  8. four_or_six

    Women's LO and Ashes tour

    Sun Jan 2: Western Australia Women v England Women Mon Jan 3: Western Australia Women v England Women Wed Jan 5: 1st ODI - Australia Women v England Women, WACA Fri Jan 7: 2nd ODI - Australia Women v England Women, WACA Sun Jan 9: 3rd ODI - Australia Women v England Women, WACA Wed Jan...
  9. four_or_six

    TV and radio coverage

    TMS squad announcement: Commentators: Aggers, CMJ, Simon Hughes, Jim Maxwell Summarisers: Vaughan, Boycott, Vic Marks, Ian Chappell (Adelaide, Melbourne), Slater (Brisbane, Perth, Sydney) Looking good. :) The only one there I don't like is Vaughan, and maybe he will grow on me. I'm glad...
  10. four_or_six

    Favourite player (II)

    This post from Clapo had me thinking. Of the favourite player from each side in the voting, who is overall the favourite player of those available to play, according to cricketweb?
  11. four_or_six

    Favourite player

    Who is your favourite player, from those who will play in the current series? If I've missed an Aussie out who may play, let me know.
  12. four_or_six

    Sidebottom retires from England duty.

    BBC Sport - Cricket - Ryan Sidebottom retires from England international duty Will miss him in the T20s imo. Incredible second coming he had. Bet he can't quite believe his luck.
  13. four_or_six

    Cricketers who have had a lasting impact on how the game is played.

    Reading one of the other threads, I was thinking about players who have had a lasting impact on how the game is played today. Two that spring to mind are Jayasuria, since hard hitting openers are now a must in LO cricket, and Gilchrist who has set a different expectation for wicket-keepers in...
  14. four_or_six

    Tendulkar book

    Gross... anyone going to buy one? Srsly, is this a spoof?
  15. four_or_six

    England's T20WC squad

    Today, England have selected their provisional 30-man squad to go to the West Indies. For some reason completely unknown to me Graham Napier, one of the world's most impressive domestic T20 bowlers is not thought to be in the best 30 players for England. It's nuts.
  16. four_or_six

    Reasons why T20s > tests

    1. Because you can watch the whole game from start to finish if you go to the ground 2. Because you can watch matches in the home season when you get home from work, whereas tests you miss the whole thing because you're working. 3. Because if it's a bad game, it only goes on for a few hours...
  17. four_or_six

    Home Ashes to return to free-to-air TV

    BBC SPORT | Ashes set for free-to-air return Very good for the viewers, but not so good for the ECB. Will cost them a lot of money, I expect Sky won't want to pay as much for rights if they don't have the Ashes tests. Also a shame for those of us who do have Sky, since they provide such a high...
  18. four_or_six

    Analysis of amount of cricket played

    So... I was thinking about the amount of cricket played at the moment, and I wanted to get an idea how players within and between countries played. I also wanted to see how players in and out of the team compared to those completely in it. But what I didn't want was just numbers of matches, I...
  19. four_or_six

    Captaincy of Strauss and Ponting

    The captaincy of Ponting and Strauss is surely going to have a large bearing on the series, both in terms of their tactical ability and their ability to keep the team mentally on the right track. They are very contrasting in styles, Strauss a lot more laid back and Ponting a lot more in your...
  20. four_or_six

    2010 T20 world cup

    Groups and fixtures have been announced. I'm glad to see they have spread the four 'weaker' teams out this time. Hopefully we'll see the best 8 teams in the next round, if one of the 'weaker' teams gets through, they will have done it by beating one of the top 8 nations.