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Search results

  1. Adders

    Jimmy Anderson

    Not quite Jackson Bird level, but the lads done OK eh. Suck it ****s:D
  2. Adders

    Smith v Kohli (ODI batting)

    Not really a contest is it? PS........will be very disappointed if I don't get called a plonker for starting this thread.
  3. Adders

    Ball Tampering General Discussion

    So this was touched on in the Aussies Shame thread but I think it is worthy of further discussion and I'm interested to see if many share my opinion with regards to a soft approach re ball tampering. We all know that it is widespread to varying degrees and I'm fairly convinced that every team...
  4. Adders

    Forum facility request/idea

    Hey, I think this forum is in desperate need of a function that enables a user to ****block posts/threads containing keywords from IP's posted from a specified region. As a very loose and general example......... Keywords - James and Anderson Region - Australia Please make this happen...
  5. Adders

    MVP Predictions

    I'm tipping YJB to have a blinder.........500 runs for the series and very tidy behind the stumps. Jimmy Anderson to take 25+ wickets at less than 30. Don't really give a **** about the other mob but I guess it will be alright for the Aussies to post in here too.
  6. Adders

    The Jimmy Anderson Appreciation Thread

    Amazing that this does not already exist tbh.
  7. Adders

    Image Posting

    So I've got this weird issue when posting images that I've taken on my phone then saved to my PC. When I upload them to CW (using the insert image button) the pictures are getting rotated and appearing upside down, it happens in both Chrome and Edge so it's not a browser thing. Strangely though...
  8. Adders

    Pictures of TPC

    Isn't he gorgeous??
  9. Adders

    Phillip Hughes CW support banner at Melbourne and Sydney Test match

    As most of you would have seen in the Phil Hughes Avatar thread Duffer came up with the great idea of getting a CW banner made up in support of Hughesy to be displayed at the GABBA test. Unfortunately we can't get one done up in time for Brisbane but I've got a quote for a 6' x 4' custom flag...
  10. Adders


    There doesn't appear to be a thread/place to discuss moderator warnings here, so I hope it is OK to post here with this question........ I received 5 infraction points for this post in the thread "Poster Ratings as we go" with the reason....... "Reason: Lack of respect for, insulting, or...
  11. Adders

    Adelaide Oval

    Question for our South Aussies here...... CA released a surprise extra round of Ashes tickets this morning and I notice that there are seats available at AO in the stand that was supposedly not going to be finished in time for the Ashes. Any news on this from some locals?? Is this stand...
  12. Adders

    *Official* 5th ODI at The Rose Bowl

    5 Hrs out from the off and no thread?? Is this a reflection of how interested we all are in this series even though this is a decider?? Weather and climate change - Met Office Looks like some heavy rain around mid to late afternoon......DL to play his part.
  13. Adders

    The "I told you so" and "I was wrong" Thread.

    Thought this might be a bit of fun as the series progresses for us armchair selectors and commentators to use this thread to brag about what we got right and also fess up to our shockers. Try and keep any predictions or future judgement calls out of it, this is just to reflect on past calls and...
  14. Adders

    Who's the one player that each side simply can't do without?

    Obviously both teams have more than one player that is key to their success but which player from each side is just simply irreplaceable at this stage?? For England it's got to be Jimmy. To lose Cook for example would be a massive blow but I think we'd still have the better batting line up even...