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    Caption This: Sachin and Yuvraj

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    Caption this - Ramesh Powar

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    Uneasy Predictions

    What are your predictions (related to cricketers of course) that you think will come true, but hope they don't?
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    Playing with fire...

    " Sachin is great in the mind but 10-12 years of international cricket is catching up. Rahul Dravid has always played better than Sachin abroad. Sachin hasn't won much for India against us and we know that. Actually, Sourav Ganguly is the best bet for the Indians." Anwar, who holds the world...
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    How come...

    How come left-hand batsmen always look so naturally elegant? Even the really bad ones look elegant.In international cricket only bevan and fleming are the only 2 southpaws who arent very elegant.
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    Best cricket book

    Which is the best cricket book you've read? For me it's Dennis Lillee's "The art of fast bowling".It's astounding how much he knew about fast-bowling when he was just halfway through his career. It was a very useful read when I started learning how to bowl.
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    ICC-Strong or Weak

    What do you guys think abt. the ICC...Do you think it's 1.a weak,spineless body incapable of taking strong decisions for the advancement of the game. 2.a strong,capable body that is taking the right steps for the game. 3.in between.
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    doubt on d/l

    I have a doubt regarding the d/l method...If a team chasing bats 15 overs and it rains and the match is reduced to 35 ovrs. does the method compensate for the extra 27 balls with fielding restrictions that the chasing team's had?