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  1. Andre

    Cricket on Foxtel

    To all the Aussies with pay TV out there: Anyone noticed Eng vs SL is not on Foxtel? I spoke to Foxtel and they 'don't have the rights', but the cricket board websites suggest they do. Anyone else put out by this? Used to love having the English Test series and some of their domestic cricket...
  2. Andre

    Matthew Wade

    At what point as Aussie fans do we acknowledge that we've done what I thought was unthinkable for us - pick a batsman who can keep, rather than a keeper good enough to hold his own with the gloves. Obviously his glovework has been downright filthy but it doesn't seem to have the same selection...
  3. Andre

    John Inverarity

    Must admit I'm pleasantly suprised how well John Inverarity has done as chairman of selectors since taking over the role for CA. Every time I hear/watch him speak I can't help but be impressed with how across he is the Australian game - a real student of the game. Seemingly a very astute...
  4. Andre

    Cricket Australia Contracts 2009-10

    Figured I'd move this from the Phil Jaques thread to create its own thread - it's worth discussing this year. Will be a very interesting list IMO. Don't think there is an official date for their announcement, its been 'in the next few weeks' for the past 6 weeks now. Anyway, my thoughts: The...
  5. Andre

    Glamorgan - All Offers Welcome

    Glamorgan have announced that they are willing to listen to all trade offers from the WCC clubs. Contact the manager at andre . maddocks @ cricketweb . net
  6. Andre

    Proposal for Dev League Season 8

    In consultation with Neil, I'd like to propose the following. * Scrap Australia 'A' and England 'A' - include them in an end of season tournament with Cricket Web 'A', Kenya and Bangladesh. * Reduce squad sizes to a maximum of 16 players. * Add another division side, in which an experianced...
  7. Andre

    CWXI Cricket

    Right. Does anyone agree with me that this whole thing is turning into a complete and utter farce? With the consistent and ever-present arguements going on between players, the Nikhil issue, the issues over captaincy and the board, the simulation has lost all its enjoyment and merit as far as...
  8. Andre

    ICC Champions Trophy 2004: Match Reports

    This thread will be used to link all frontpage match reports.
  9. Andre

    ICC Champions Trophy 2004: Feature Articles

    The first in our series of tournament features. Cricket Web's Official ICC Champions Trophy 2004 Preview Composed by David Lewis. Enjoy.
  10. Andre

    **Official** NatWest Challenge Thread

    England have made a good start here with 3 early wickets - Alex Wharf might just be a handy little ODI player by the looks of things - Nasser certainly thought so before play. Geraint Jones doesn't seem to have improved his glovework this summer, however.
  11. Andre

    2000 Members!

    The Cricket Web forum yesterday took another giant leap forward upon the registration of our 2000th member. In our short history to date, this is no mean feat and we are proud to claim them as our own. The milestone has been passed shortly before our 3rd birthday in October. Hang around Ladies...
  12. Andre

    Match Fixers?

    Just had a look through some squads....Out of curiosity, were match fixers included by accident or are they held in the same regard?
  13. Andre

    ICC Trophy Forum

    ICC Champions Trophy Forum All; We now have an ICC Champions Trophy Forum for discussion of the event. For a more comfortable and organised discussion, we hope the new forum will be ideal rather than the clattered and highly busy Cricket Chat. It would be much appreciated if further talks on...
  14. Andre


    Welcome to the ICC Champions Trophy Forum for the tournament in September. As also seen during the Cricket World Cup in 2003, this forum will be 100% dedicated to the tournament hosted in England. Cricket Web extends an invitation to members to start discussion! Enjoy! The Cricket Web team.
  15. Andre


    Question: It may have been answered, but I don't quite understand it... Can we use players from our Test squad in ODI's and vice versa? I have players like Jason Gillespie in my ODI squad who I would love to use in Tests... What is the rule on it?
  16. Andre

    Zimbabwean Rebels Quit

    http://www.cricketweb.net/articles/EplulApkAZfWhglpKf.shtml The international careers of the 15 Zimbabwean rebel cricketers are over, with the group of players deciding to cease negotiations with the ZCU and look to life after international cricket. Keep an eye on the above link – full story...
  17. Andre

    Downtime: 15 January

    Server seemed to be down for 10 or so mintues today.
  18. Andre

    Punting on Problems

    http://www.cricketweb.net/articles/EpZuEFZVZuIBJFQPrt.shtml My take on the Aussie spinners. Feedback welcomed and appreciated.
  19. Andre

    Media Release: Andre Retires

    Sydney, Tuesday 13 January Upon the annoucement of the rebel tour squad early this morning, it is with great sadness that I announce my retirement from the Cricket Web player pool at the completion of the tour. I have been muted by selectors at the present time so I will expand on my decision...
  20. Andre

    Tait Takes 8

    Shaun Tait has just taken 8 wickets in an ING Cup match for South Australia - 8/43 infact. He's getting close to Australian selection now IMO.