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Search results

  1. Jono

    Who is more likely to win a test match with this scoreline?

    In your view, based on the information below, who is most likely to win this test match? Team A is currently batting in the 4th innings on day 5 at lunch. Their score is 5/150. The batsmen currently at the crease include one of its openers and its number 7. Team B is currently bowling, and has...
  2. Jono

    Do you like Ian Chappell?

    Self-explanatory question. See poll.
  3. Jono

    Test cricket

    Durban. Trinidad. How are we supposed to take this sport seriously anymore? Schedule the tests properly ie not in wet season. If you can't do that then ensure you have good drainage at your ground. If you don't have good drainage them cover the whole ground. If you can't cover the whole...
  4. Jono

    Andre Russell cleared to play T20 despite missing doping tests

    Andre Russell cleared to play in World T20 - Cricbuzz Couldn't see this being discussed here, and I'm posting it here instead of the World T20 forum because its not just about that tournament, but doping in general. How on Earth is this able to happen? Surely ICC step in and say "yeah you...
  5. Jono

    Virender SehWAAAAAAHHHHHHg - upset at how he was dropped

    Sehwag 'hurt' by his ouster from India team | Cricket | ESPN Cricinfo Solid wahh from the great man. I was actually at the Hyderabad test when he got out, and at that time I had no idea it was his last knock ever. Still surprises me as it doesn't seem that long ago that he was dropped. Best...
  6. Jono

    Archive this forum

  7. Jono

    Players who opened the batting and bowling in the same match

    I recall Irfan Pathan doing this vs. Australia in Adelaide 2008 - 4th Test: Australia v India at Adelaide, Jan 24-28, 2008 | Cricket Scorecard | ESPN Cricinfo Any other examples that spring to mind? Any format will do.
  8. Jono

    RIP Richie Benaud

    The great man passed away in his sleep last night :(
  9. Jono

    What player would the semi-finalists choose from the eliminated teams?

    I'm bored so here we go. Each semi-finalist team has a chance to choose one player from any of the eliminated teams in the World Cup. Can't be someone who didn't play for the eliminated teams during this specific World Cup (e.g. Ajmal, Pollard etc.). What player does each team choose...
  10. Jono

    Pakistani fielding

    How long can this continue? Deadset it's not hard. Just be a good fielding side. Don't need to be a freakish fielding side. Just good. You don't need money to be good. You don't need exceptional talent to be good. You don't need great resources. Just work at it. Pakistan are a horrible...
  11. Jono

    Dwayne Smith

    ODI batting average of 18.71 before his ****house innings today. Where does he rank in the history of spuds to play in a major 8 World Cup team? Gotta be up there.
  12. Jono

    Please piss off ECB

    ECB moots four-day Tests, 40-over World Cup | Cricket | ESPN Cricinfo Test cricket could be reduced to four days, and the next World Cup curtailed to 40 overs a side, if wide-ranging discussions between the chairmen of the English counties and the ECB become firm proposals, and are ultimately...
  13. Jono

    First two games of the World Cup

    Pretty sure I've just had a month of Aus vs. Eng and NZ vs. SL. **** this.
  14. Jono

    AB de Villiers now the one and only "AB"

    Deal with it Burgey, I've said Allan Border has to move aside for a while now but this confirms it. Whenever one hears "AB" it will refer to de Villiers and de Villiers only. And while we're at it, the Allan Border medal is now known as the AB de Villiers medal.
  15. Jono

    Aggers criticises Australia's sledging in light of Phil Hughes death

    We owe it to Phillip Hughes to stop sledging: Jonathan Agnew Fair to say this will not be well received.
  16. Jono

    ICC Greatest World Cup XI selector

    Can't choose Michael Bevan :shock: Greatest Xi | Cricket World Cup 2015 - ICC Cricket | Official Website
  17. Jono

    Virat Kohli (c)

    Woot Woot Woot Woot Woot Woot Woot Woot Woot Woot Woot Woot Woot Woot Woot
  18. Jono

    Virat Kohli new animated super hero series

    Virat Kohli launches super hero series with avatar of the Indian cricketer starring in incredible adventures woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot
  19. Jono

    Since this post by Burgey

    http://www.cricketweb.net/forum/2014-icc-world-twenty20-bangladesh/62760-if-south-africa-beat-india-make-world-t20-final.html#post3258472 Sri Lanka have won the World T20 and won an away test series in England. What's more, the seamers he mocked bounced out England. Burgey, make a new thread...
  20. Jono

    If South Africa beat India and make the World T20 final...

    Who is more likely to choke? Perennial bridesmaids Sri Lanka who have lost the 2007 ODI WC final, 2009 World T20 final, 2011 ODI WC final and 2012 World T20 final, or