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Search results

  1. ripper868

    The Quarter Finals

    This may or may not be useful, but I'm weary of dropping into each of the pool threads to discuss the quarter finals hopes of Japan. Anyway, Matsushima and Fukuoka vs Kolbe and Nkosi/Mapimpi is going to be all sorts of fun. Oh yeah, and Koroibete will need to beat England on his own, otherwise...
  2. ripper868

    Avatar Bets

    Avatar Bets Everyone loves em and all Aussies love stealing em from the English. (yep we are still thieves before any of you poms jump on that) Calling out GIMH to accept the challenge. 2 months (will consider an alternative amount if you wish) In the spirit of the 5 test series, it'll be 5...
  3. ripper868

    Chicken Parmi or Chicken Parma

    Parmi wtf is a Parma?
  4. ripper868

    CricSim/PlanetCricket Discussion etc

    I move all Cricsim/planetcricket etc discussion be moved to this thread and contained to this thread. Part Gag, part serious, just find it annoying reading/skimming a page of posts about people being banned from there and pleading their case to be unbanned over here. Commence flaming..
  5. ripper868

    Avatar Bets

    Well, for those who can't bet with money, bet with your avatars... Looking to Gimh to take me on in an outlandish bet earning me rights to his Avatar, and the rights to the feature film about his youtube video that goes Viral and wins Britains Got Talent Challenge away!
  6. ripper868

    Moto Gp

    didnt spot a previous thread for it. Is stoner> Rossi? i know its only the kids first year but damn, he looks the goods.
  7. ripper868

    Andrew Johns Playing 20/20

    I'm just wondering what everyones opinions are on joey playing two 20/20 games for the blues are. These aren't charity games as far as i know and are worth points. It's obviously a publicity stunt but i beleive it to be one of the stupidiest in a looong time. i mean, it potentially robs an up...
  8. ripper868

    The Final Score?

    What will this series end up being? i believe 5-0, with potential of 4 nil if it rains in one of the tests.
  9. ripper868


    Now been given out twice at crucial stages of tests when not really out. yesterday for example he could have stayed with pietersen and put on a huge partnership. and in adelaide it sort of started the collapse. unlucky i spose....though i reckon the perth one is a get square for the terrible...
  10. ripper868

    Boned! 12th man albums

    I got the 12th mans new album and must say i enjoyed it heaps, however i don't think boned is up there with wired world of sports (2) and the final dig? basically what is everyones fvourite 12th man release? i reckon th best sequence is the soccer in wired world of sports (2) "wide ball to the...
  11. ripper868

    Clarke vs PietersEn - the warnie view.

    Shane warne said in his column in the daily telegraph (Sydney newspaper) that michael Clarkes finger spinners will be very dangerous on the waca pitch, which against its normal self isn't going to be a fast bowlers track (little disappointed really). warnie makes the statement that the pitch...
  12. ripper868

    Warnes 700th wicket - When?

    When does everyone think it will happen? he currently on 694. i reckon he'll take 2 wickets this first innings and 4 in the second. 700th wicket brought up at the WACA during englands second innings in the afternoon session of day 4. At 5.18 pm (Perth time). i jokeing bout the time but the rest...
  13. ripper868

    Whats with Pieterson and 158?

    well... he got out on 158 for the third time in adelaide so tony greig informs me (commentator on channel 9 in australia)