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Search results

  1. Kensashi

    **Official** Super 8 Group 2 Discussion - Aus, Ind, Pak and SA

    Went for the matches today. So great to see Watson replying to Kohli's incessant chattering with some massive sixes! Best way to shut that idiot up!
  2. Kensashi

    **Official** Sri Lanka in England / Scotland - 2011

    A short, but interesting, take on the 'events' of last night... OH YEAH... the boys can play! | Sri Lanka | Cricket
  3. Kensashi

    *Official* Match 17 - Canada v Pakistan

    Wow, it's raining cats and dogs here in the suburbs!!! Fingers crossed for the match!
  4. Kensashi

    *Official* Match 3 - Sri Lanka v Canada

    Probably trying to rush through to the minimum overs required for a result should it rain too hard for a restart.
  5. Kensashi

    Jayasuriya v Ponting in odi as cricketers

    Ponting is miles ahead of Jayasuriya!
  6. Kensashi

    *Official* West Indies in Sri Lanka 2010

    Pretty overcast outside...
  7. Kensashi

    *Official* West Indies in Sri Lanka 2010

    It's funny how they postponed the series the day before the rains stopped, and then restarted the same week the rain came back...
  8. Kensashi

    QuarterFinals Scenario

    Haha! my bad! Blame it on the sleep deprivation:)
  9. Kensashi


    I'm rooting for the Dutch to make some waves at the WC! C'mon Ten Doeschate!
  10. Kensashi

    Sri Lankan Discussion

    This squad is gonna struggle to make the semi's IMO.. Pathetic! Chandimal should be an automatic pick, far ahead of Chamara Silva who is just deadweight!
  11. Kensashi

    QuarterFinals Scenario

    1st Australia vs West Indies 2nd Sri Lanka vs England 3rd Pakistan vs India 4th New Zealand vs South Africa India vs Pakistan final!
  12. Kensashi

    *Official* West Indies in Sri Lanka 2010

    Apparently Herath has been bowling it before Mendis!
  13. Kensashi

    *Official* Sri Lanka in Australia 2010

    Great way to finish off the game by Perera, a 123m six! :thumbup1:
  14. Kensashi

    *Official* Sri Lanka Tri-Series

    1 bad LBW decision by Rauf against Yuvraj, which was unbelievably horrible umpiring, then Dharmasena gives Raina out to a ball that didn't even touch the bat (after Rauf gave a caught behind off him not out the last over) and Karthik's wicket was inconclusive, I think.
  15. Kensashi

    *Official* Sri Lanka Tri-Series

    There are times where Sri Lanka have been at the wrong end of his calls, can't remember specifically what matches they were. Just because he didn't make a wrong call against Sri Lanka today doesn't mean he's biased! How can you say that he made the mistakes today on purpose?! Your talking like...
  16. Kensashi

    *Official* Sri Lanka Tri-Series

    Granted Dharmasena is a hopeless umpire, along the lines of Asoka De Silva, but I don't see how matches involving Sri Lanka has any influence since he is very professional. One thing about most Sri Lankan umpires is that they seem to fold under heavy appealing but being biased? I don't know...
  17. Kensashi

    *Official* Sri Lanka Tri-Series

    Penalties for offences included in Level 2 of ICC Code of Conduct can range from 50 per cent to 100 per cent of a player's match fee and/or two suspension points, which translates as a suspension of two ODIs or one Test match. The full text of the new code can be found at International Cricket...
  18. Kensashi

    ICC Awards

    Asoka De Silva nominated for umpire of the year! :laugh:
  19. Kensashi

    *Official* Sri Lanka Tri-Series

    wtf... laughing? By a sissy fit i meant the tantrums some of you were putting up, calling you sissies makes no sense at all given the situation. More like Randiv was the sissy when he didn't want to be smashed on his last delivery.
  20. Kensashi

    *Official* Sri Lanka Tri-Series

    You underestimate the level of knowledge of a 10 year old... or maybe its different where you live.