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Search results

  1. andruid

    Jacques Kallis vs. Jacques Kallis

    When all is said and done we might as well compare the most compared batting allrounder, in these parts, in recent times to himself. What say ye people of cricketweb
  2. andruid

    Ricky Ponting versus...

    I am taking the comparison thread concept to the next level with this poll.
  3. andruid

    Sulieman Benn

    Could he have amounted to more with his international career?
  4. andruid

    Commonwealth Games 2022

    I have just googled that these will be in Birmingham UK, in July. If people are struggling to care about the Olympics what of these?
  5. andruid

    Africa Cup of Nations 2021(2)

    Finally up and running after a year's delay. Cameroon hosting for the first time in 50 years. That pist them amongst the favorites, alongside Egypt, Senegal, Nigeria and Ivory Coast.
  6. andruid

    Ricky Ponting versus himself

    Because I have deemed it necessary to take this idea to its conclusion. Let us presume that prime Ricky Ponting was facing the medium-pacer trundling of Ricky Ponting, with 10 other Ricky Pontings in the field (including a Ricky Ponting wicketkeeper), and Ricky Ponting set fields. How long would...
  7. andruid

    Resurrecting the Intercontinental Cup

    Because not all test nations are in the WTC, and because more context is better than none, and because even non full members have pockets of snob cricket fans I propose the following. - The Intercontinental Cup be brought back with a format similar to the World Cup Qualifying pyramid leagues as...
  8. andruid

    Copa America 2021

    It kicks off in a few hours and we need a thread. Who is gonna play for Venezuela?
  9. andruid

    Charl Langevelt: Exactly how good was he?

    He had a decent purple patch in the mid noughties, would probably have had more than 6 test matches were transformation targets not such a sensitive hot button issue. Possibly one of the more effective death bowlers of his day. Where do you rate him.
  10. andruid

    Are Australia the supervillains of Test cricket?

    It seems that, by virtue of being on the receiving end of so many test match series for the ages, that this might be the case. What do you think?
  11. andruid

    Matt Prior vs. Joseph Buttler

    1. Auto correct won't let me type Jos 2. Both earned the test gloves on the back of figuring out how to stay in the XI, with runs, while figuring out the keeping later 3. Both selected ahead of superior glovemen 4. This may all be Adam Gilchrist's fault
  12. andruid

    All Lives Matter - Boeta Dippenaar

    So, Lungi Ngidi has recently called for the Proteas to express support for BLM and then Boeta Dippenaar, together with several other former Proteas responded saying All Lives Matter. Now there seems to be a growing split between white and non-white Proteas on the issue with lots of Black and...
  13. andruid

    Perverse Delight thread

    This thread is all, or mostly about the schadenfreude we should come clean on feeling when some sports team gets a terrible result. For instance, as much as I respect Pep Guardiola and Sir Alex Ferguson as coaching geniuses, there is something strangely satisfying about those Champions League...
  14. andruid

    Your gutsy calls for 2020

    Aside from the hindsight and foresight puns this 12 upcoming months will choke us on, what are willing to go out on a limb predicting? I reckon Zimbabwe will be stripped of test status Afghanistan will win more test matches than Sri Lanka Cricket Kenya will be dissolved Root to score more test...
  15. andruid

    Football stuff that doesn't deserve its own thread

    Watching Kenya's home AfCON qualifier against Togo on our beloved exists for the sake of it national broadcaster. Having been absent for the entirety of the 1st half he has variously called the opposition Ghana, Senegal and Ivory Coast.
  16. andruid

    Mayank Agarwal vs. Adam Voges

    Obligatory comparison thread based on their disproportionately high test batting average from a really small sample size. They are obviously not waste men but who's average flatters theme least?
  17. andruid

    The Official Hamilton Masakadza Tributes thread

    Now that his international career is winding to a close, is there anyone who personifies the lost potential of the decline and fall of Zimbabwean cricket more than Hamilton Masakadza. Plucked out of high school a bright young prodigy, set a record for yongest test centurion in a Zimbabwe team...
  18. andruid

    Joe Burns vs. Rory Burns

    Because why the hell not? Even if one hasn't been selected and the other isn't exactly lighting the world on fire, no subbie is complete without a poll
  19. andruid

    *Official* Zimbabwe Tour to the Netherlands

    Who the hell schedules an ODI tour at the same time as the cricket World Cup? Who? Why Zimbabwe off course. Three ODIs and Three t20s to sneak in while no one is looking
  20. andruid

    *Official* Africa Cup of Nations

    Between the CwC, the Ashes and Nations league, Africa's second oldest, and believe it or not best organised international football tournament is happening. For the first time East Africa has 4 representatives Don't really have any favorites. Egypt the hosts and among the favorites in what should...