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Search results

  1. GIMH

    *Official* Round of 16 Thread

    Netherlands V USA England V Senegal France V Poland Argentina V Australia jpn v croatia brazil v korea morocco v spain portugal v suisse mods can edit with other games as we go
  2. GIMH

    Rank your 5 favourite bots from CW post-Johnrite

    I don’t know any tbh
  3. GIMH

    What should Daemon's custom title be?

    Plz vote and the mods will implement
  4. GIMH

    it’s time to end the infraction system of moderating

    i dont know who the genius was that came up with the infraction system for correcting moderator error but whoever it was has had the forum world hypnotised into stupidity for about a decade. The obvious solution is (and should have been from the outset) is to have the platinum lounge review...
  5. GIMH

    *Official* The Hundred 2022

    I’ll be supporting my beloved Superchargers as always but just settling in for the curtain raiser now. Bowlers on top early doors. Mod to sticky please
  6. GIMH

    Furball has questions to answer

  7. GIMH

    Selectors Draft

    Okay I’m not a regular in these things. So stop me if it’s been done or isn’t that interesting an idea. But here’s the concept. It will be for between 8-12 players. Each of those players will then be allocated, privately, a Test nation and required to provide an all-time eleven for it. This...
  8. GIMH

    Unoffficial forum rules

    1. Only reference illegal drug taking on Wednesdays that fall directly after a Lunar Eclipse
  9. GIMH

    Why are left arm wrist spinners so rare?

    Please advise. NB as Lord Protector I must impress upon you the importance of not trashing this thread with dickswinging references to spinners who were not left arm wrist spinners
  10. GIMH

    What happened to Hot Spot?

    I don’t mean for DRS as it was obviously highly flawed, but did TV companies just jack it in for the same reason? I don’t even remember when it stopped.
  11. GIMH

    Jonny Bairstow apology thread

    A thread to apologise to YJB in for all the times you demanded he never play Test Cricket again. I’ll go first Jonny. I’m sorry.
  12. GIMH

    What is the greatest innings of all time?

    Definitive vote, let the people decide!
  13. GIMH

    Was Prosper Utseya the greatest ODI bowler of all time?

  14. GIMH

    Elliott Nevitt thread

  15. GIMH

    Vote for your favourite shady take

  16. GIMH

    In-jokes thread

    [] Edited by a moderator 22.56 empire time due to trolling
  17. GIMH

    Subforum closed

    I’ve been asked to pass a message on from @Fusion and he kindly requests no further posts in this subbie while they go about archiving it please.