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  1. ankitj

    Team of the tournament

    https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/team-of-the-tournament-mens-t20-world-cup-2022-suryakumar-nortje-raza-make-big-impacts-1344889 Think Afridi should have been in the team for Josh Little. What's your team?
  2. ankitj

    2nd Semi Final | Ind vs Eng | Adelaide, 10 Nov 2022

    Pay me now @Prince EWS
  3. ankitj

    1st Semi Final | NZ vs Pak | Sydney, 09 Nov 2022

    I hope the format of the thread title is right.
  4. ankitj

    Question on everyone's mind

    Would it be better if the tournament was held in England given every other game gets washed out in Australia?
  5. ankitj

    Answer is Jadeja. What is the thread title?

    Let's play.
  6. ankitj

    Do you care about over rates enough to support penalties?

    Vote and comment
  7. ankitj

    Kyle Jamieson vs. Axar Patel

    Whose bowling average you want more to come down to the ground i.e. get ruined.
  8. ankitj

    Cricketers you have probably never heard of

    This is a thread to talk about cricketers that you come across or remember that are so unknown that even CW nerds are unlikely to have heard of.
  9. ankitj

    Congrats India

    On the series win. Well done.
  10. ankitj

    Most iconic picture of a batting pair?

    A B C
  11. ankitj

    Link active tour sub fourms from CC

    Will make it very easy to discover.
  12. ankitj

    Is skill required in ODI cricket underrated?

    After sad and sudden demise of Dean Jones, I read this interview of Deano where he said: I have always wanted to discuss this. We all treat test cricket as the hardest form of cricket and it is in many ways. But ODI cricket has unique set of challenges. We often say on this forum that it is...
  13. ankitj

    Why do spinners have better economy rates in t20?

    Look at the list of best economy rates in t20 internationals. Ignoring those playing for non-test playing and newer cricketing nations, there are about 12 spinners before first pacer appears. Why do you reckon that is the case? Has it something to do with which phases spinners bowl in (mostly...
  14. ankitj

    [Voting Thread] Budget Draft Revised

    Creating voting thread for Budget Draft Revised on behalf of @Marcuss. Vote for up to 3 teams. Ataraxia Honestbharani Line and Length JHW Fingleton / Bob Cowper Bill Ponsford / AF Rae / Michael Slater Herbert Sutcliffe / DG Bradman / Marnus Labuschagne Ted Dexter (vc) /o GSA Sobers /...
  15. ankitj

    Pinch hitters

    What happened to the idea of pinch hitters in limited over games? When was the last time a pinch hitter was used in an ODI? What is your favorite pinch hitter memory?
  16. ankitj

    The balls of the century

    https://www.thecricketmonthly.com/story/1227821/the-balls-of-the-century--no--20--monty-panesar-to-sachin-tendulkar ESPNcricinfo is doing a feature on balls of the century. #20 is Panesar to Tendulkar in Mumbai in 2012. Please discuss which ones will make it. PS. All puns on "balls" are...
  17. ankitj

    [Voting Thread] ODI Debut Chronology draft

    This is voting thread for ODI Debut Chronology draft. Please cast your vote for 3 top teams from below. Ankitj Desmond Haynes David Warner Steven Smith AB de Villiers Inzamam-ul-Haq Imran Khan * [4] Tom Latham + Shaun Pollock [2] Anil Kumble [5] Waqar Younis [1] Mustafizur Rahman [3]...
  18. ankitj

    [Not so] Huge statistical analysis on greatest ODI batsman and bowlers ranked

    Here are the refreshed results. Some differences from the original analysis: I used only matches between 15 teams for both player stats in consideration and for calculating benchmark stats. The 15 teams are: 12 test playing nations plus Asia XI, Africa XI and ICC world XI. I limited exercise...
  19. ankitj

    ODI Debut Chronology draft

    So after Stephen's wildly successful new format in alphabetical and reverse alphabetical drafts, I thought we can try another variation of it. In this draft you will pick 11 players to form an ODI team. You will pick players strictly in the order of their debut dates i.e. each player you pick...
  20. ankitj


    With no cricket going around, Cricinfo is running "retrolive" commentary. See for yourself: https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/19832/game/1219703/england-vs-pakistan-1992-world-cup-final-retrolive-2019-20 What do you think of this idea?