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  1. kears_falcon_9

    CW Land Map

    Here it is! Along with an in-depth view of the Nixontown Stadium, which believe it or not floats even with those HUGE waves around.
  2. kears_falcon_9


    Im requesting a trade to either Colts or Green. If one needs a Batsman. Cheers
  3. kears_falcon_9

    ICC 2005 - 2013 Crash

    Anyone know why the game crashes when i finish the 2012 season and try to go into 2013? Cheers David
  4. kears_falcon_9

    Error Saving Help

    Having trouble saving my game. It says Error saying 'filename' and then i cant save it at all yet i can load the game fine. Anyideas why?
  5. kears_falcon_9

    Pakistan Manager Position

    Hey WCC, As Cbuts has been to busy of late to keep up with being Co-Manager of Pakistan he has decided to step down. Because of this i am looking for a new co manager to step into the position. We are already sercured a spot in the super 6 stage of the WC so thnigs are looking up for the...
  6. kears_falcon_9

    Awards Night

    Karachi has held their team awards night. Here is the results of the night: Karachi Best & Fairest Awards Night: Most Runs: One Day - M. Manhus (559 Runs at 62.11) Four Day - J. Cooke (707 Runs at 47.13) Most Wickets: One Day - J. Louw (21 Wickets at 14.95) Four Day - M. Sami (58 Wickets at...
  7. kears_falcon_9

    Play Off Matches

    Hey Simon, Just wondering if Play Off Matches count towards stats? or are they only played to see whos relegated/promoted and the stats dont count for anythnig. Cheers David
  8. kears_falcon_9


    Hey guys ive signed up just wondering how this will work? What program will be used? ETC
  9. kears_falcon_9

    Karachi Trade Prospects

    We will listen to all offers. The squad has not been finalised as yet so all offers will be listened to. Not looking for any new player particulary so what ever youve got i will atleast look at.
  10. kears_falcon_9

    Karachi Team

    The round just gone i had B Khan in my team, F Khan ended up playing. Blewy i no its only a mistake and didnt really affect the game but can you make double sure you get it right next time cheers :) Alos i no this cant be helped because of VC4 but R Silva did not bowl even though he is at...
  11. kears_falcon_9

    Alex Robertson - Up and Comer or All Talk?

    Middlesex - 1st April 2002 Manager David Kearsley: We at Middlesex C.C are proud to announce the arrival of several young rookies. Over the Winter we have scouted all over the country to find the best of the best. We have struggles in recent years so we have decided to try and draft in youth...
  12. kears_falcon_9

    Done Done And Done :)

    Im glad to announce that ive finished all of the Team Pages. This includes the updated stats and ages. P.S guys please post in this thread or email me if you find any errors on your teams page. Cheers David
  13. kears_falcon_9


    For the purpose of the website... the following teams have not submitted Ground Conditions: GALLE KENT MASHONALAND SURREY Just wondering if these managers get a chance to post them or will they be chosen by you? if so can you please email me with there Conditioons so i can add them to the...
  14. kears_falcon_9

    Grand Final

    WAHOOOOOO just won my Under 16's Grand Final by 104 runs.. about to go back and start the celerbratiosn 8-) . We scored 187 of 45 overs then rolled them for 83 today. I scored a shameful duck but the team played great. I got a run out though the best of my career. It turned the match from in...
  15. kears_falcon_9

    Four Day Team Pages

    They are underway, Ages and Ground Conditions will be added to OD and FD once the stats have been completed. All One Day pages are done. ACT Auckland Have been done in four day.
  16. kears_falcon_9

    Team Update

    Have now done these One Day Teams: ACT Auck Barbados Cant Chittagong Colts Free S Galle Gautang Glam Guyana Hamps Jamaica Karachi If you guys have any suggestions as to changing somthnig on the pages please let me know. Also can the managers of Glamorgan and Hampshire please fill out the...
  17. kears_falcon_9

    One Day Team Pages (please read)

    Just letting you guys know that i have updated the following team for the One Day Pages. ACT Auckland Barbados Canterbury Chittagong Colts Can ALL managers please fill out the form below. Club Name: Country: One Day Division: Manager: E-mail: Home Page: Club / Ground Information (only if...
  18. kears_falcon_9

    ICC 2002 Patch Help

    Hey recently i got ICC 2002 and im wondering what should i update..... i had a look at the patch from the CW Games section but im unsure wat it will do and i dont want to loose my game. CAn some one please tell me what are the best patches for the game.
  19. kears_falcon_9

    Acc Error

    Ive been playing ACC for ages on my old computer and it has always worked. I havnt changed any settings or anythnig and then i went to play it today and it came up with this (See Picture) Can anyone help me? Ive tryed reinstalling the game and everythnig but nuthin seems to work.
  20. kears_falcon_9

    Question About Squad Numbers

    I no its early but could we please have a rundown of what squad numbers we must keep for next season? Like including rookies, retire replacements etc.