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Search results

  1. chalky

    Wigan AFC

    Reina Zabaleta Alex King Aurelio Benayoun Xavi Lucas Moderic Saha Anelka Subs Gudjohnsen Reasonably pleased with my team think my full backs are bit weak though, looking for a bit of cover there so it gives me the option of playing Zabaleta central midfield...
  2. chalky

    Reward For Test Champions

    Cricket wise it looks like the Super Series is going to be a failure (no fault of Aussies) I do however like the idea of rewarding the test champions. I was thinking every 5 years you take the top 4 test teams 1st V 4th, 2nd v 3rd and winners play each other in the final. !st place gets the 1...
  3. chalky

    "can't throw can't bowl"

    Did Scott Muller believe that it was Warne who made that comment. I know a Channel 9 cameraman admitted to it but I remember Muller getting Tendulker out and then saying something to about Warne down the stump mic. Anyway rthat controversy really wrecked his career just as Australia were...
  4. chalky

    Favorite Aussie Excuses

    We have had some corkers this summer here is just a selection that have come from the Australian camp and members of this board: The grounds have been too small - Obviously having the same siize pitch for all innings favors one side 8-) England have been lucky with the tosses despite the...