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Search results

  1. A

    Test Cricket Relatives

    Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan (Both definite candidates).
  2. A

    Test Cricket Relatives

    I am not sure if anyone mentioned him but Rohan Gavaskar, son of the Indian opener Sunny Gavaskar, he was a One day specialist, had a few good seasons with Bengal in Ranji Cricket, currently plays for KKR in the IPL, was strongly tipped for the test squads for sometime before he lost form and...
  3. A

    Should Lara make a test comeback?

    Well I voted yes, but purely out of selfish reasons because I want to see how he would cope if he does ever do that. It is like imagining Warne coming out of retirement except Warne has been involved with the game, Lara has been absent completely.
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    Baseball V Cricket?

    Yes we all know how worthwile the contributions of the Barmy Army are, we would be lost without their input. Football supporters who were at the wrong stadium. :dry:
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    Baseball V Cricket?

    Yes, but you still misunderstand, cricket has a loyal generation following, it is not like people are completely not bothered about what happens. People still care, as long as that happens, cricket will be relevant, in most other countries, they don't.
  6. A

    Baseball V Cricket?

    No, I didn't find it patronising, wasn't sure if you were aware thats all. I guess the main thing I am asking is, Is there a genuine enthusiasm for all formats? First Class matches, One Day Matches in domestic cricket. I am not sure anyone really would know which county team got promoted in...
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    Baseball V Cricket?

    Yes, I live here and I find a complete lack of passion for it in comparison to Australia and India. Regional intrest surely cannot be compared to two whole countries which are sports crazy.
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    Baseball V Cricket?

    IMO, to appreciate baseball you need to go and see it from a passionate americans point of view and likewise to appreciate cricket you need to go to Australia/India where enthusiasm for the sport is still alive.
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    Dream ODI XI: Vote for the SPINNER

    Really disappointed, the great Dave Mohammed wasn't included on this poll.
  10. A

    Dream ODI XI: Vote for the SPINNER

    The greatest, Warne.
  11. A

    ODI pair of finishers

    How about Albie Morkel and Boucher for SA, Paul Collingwood and Morgan for England, Dwayne Bravo and Chanderpaul for Windies, Vettori and Oram/Mcullum for NZ.
  12. A

    Dream ODI XI: Select the TWO opening batsmen

    Was more a dig at those who claim he hasn't made enough match winning contributions for India.
  13. A

    Group G - Brazil, Korea DPR, Côte d'Ivoire, Portugal

    Brazil and Ivory Coast. Portugual struggled to qualify and will struggle against Brazil (who IMO are favorites) and Ivory Coast who are a very consistent side.
  14. A

    Group F - Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia

    Paraguay and Italy will ease through.
  15. A

    Group D - Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana

    Serbia to finally reach the second round along with Germania, I don't think Essien or Kewell can inspire their teams to the next round.
  16. A

    Bevan vs. Hussey vs. Dhoni

    Limited amount of 100's, take Ponting and Clarke out of the equation, would Hussey step up?
  17. A

    Bevan vs. Hussey vs. Dhoni

    To be fair, Australia the name destroys most of their opponents rather than Hussey or White or anyone else having to rescue their team with complete respect to his achievments. I think if adequate pressure was applied from a quality state batsman, Hussey's time would have come. Australia...
  18. A

    Dream ODI XI: Choose THREE fast bowlers

    Dizzy, Imran, and The Big Bird.