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Search results

  1. Monty

    Unrealistic Player Retirements in ICC 2005

    gilchrist retired at 49 for me
  2. Monty

    catpion this: Lara

    Lara to mcgrath " so if i pleasure the pitch i will get how much runs?"
  3. Monty

    Twenty20 in Commonwealth games

    i dont think attracting big players will be a problem here is the 1998 aussie cricket team frome the commonwealth games Team Members Adam Gilchrist Andy Bichel Brad Young Brendon Julian Damien Fleming Damien Martin Darren Bicknell Darren Lehmann Gavin Robertson...
  4. Monty

    ***Official*** Super Series

    well done gilly
  5. Monty

    ***Official*** Super Series

    watson well done mate
  6. Monty

    ***Official*** Super Series

    it is sad to hear booing in the crowds
  7. Monty

    ***Official*** Super Series

    and the winner of motm is ..................
  8. Monty

    ***Official*** Super Series

    hussey had a screamer played much better than watson should have been awarded six when he hit the roof hussey motm and should play in the test
  9. Monty

    The Treatment of Mark Cosgrove

    cosgrove got a ton for his district side today batted brilliantly
  10. Monty

    Best young Batsman in World Cricket today

    Callum Fergusson
  11. Monty

    ING to end one-day association

    "welcome to the first mcdays play" "i will be your mc host" it will one day get this riduculios
  12. Monty

    ING to end one-day association

    what about this the new aussie cricket one day song "no body Does cricket like KFC" or "I Feel Like Cricket Tonight"
  13. Monty

    *Cricket Master 2005 Development Thread*

    anyone got any ideas for duff as to how to fix the error runtime error 91
  14. Monty

    ING to end one-day association

    who will sponsor it now
  15. Monty

    Cracks in my bat

    any news
  16. Monty

    ICC 2005 Records

    change highest score in test and first class to a strauss by me 400 the pic is on one of the of threads
  17. Monty

    My first 50 of the season

    are you eligble your the usa national side if so we might see you on telly one day
  18. Monty

    Need some help with my Cricket Club's six-a-side music choices

    what about about when a wicket falls "that why cant we be friends" song
  19. Monty

    ***Official*** Super Series

    sorry didnt mean too
  20. Monty

    Australia, 10 years down the track [ICC 2005]

    give white a chance