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Search results

  1. Dhoni_fan

    Very balanced article from Dilshan

    Found this article from Dilshan ahead of tomorrow's game very balanced and to the point regarding Sri Lanka's match against England! BBC Sport - Cricket - Cricket World Cup: Tillakaratne Dilshan column
  2. Dhoni_fan

    Congrats Australia

    As many of you know here I am a very proud Indian fan, but I also know great Cricket when I see it. Australia have been and IMHO still are a great side, winning 3 World Cup's on the bounce and reaching 4 finals in a row really is quite remarkable! Ponting today showed what a champion batsman...
  3. Dhoni_fan

    Where we can improve

    First of all I would like to credit South Africa, I have been one to call them a choker in the past not least last week, but today they held their nerve well. As for our team, I still believe we have what it takes to win the World Cup, in terms of our skill and ability. Having said that my...
  4. Dhoni_fan

    Favourite Commentator of the 2011 world cup?

    Mine is Shastri, love his passion when a 6 is struck or a wicket falls, his enthusiasm is wonderful. I used to really like Damien Fleming he was around commentating in the last world cup does anyone know what happened to him not heard his commentary in ages! Also think Nasser is an excellent...
  5. Dhoni_fan

    Apologies and setting the record straight

    Guys I am new here so maybe I didnt know the protocol. I am a passionate Indian fan I do love my team but I also do not look to offend or sub humanise anyone here. My comments about turning up to beat Ireland were only semi serious far more tongue in cheek, while I do love my team and this...
  6. Dhoni_fan

    Surely Agnew has it wrong?

    Guys I am no statistics expert so please correct me if I am wrong, but was listening to the BBC podcast, and Agnew seemed to think off the top of his head that this result makes life harder for both Bangladesh and the West Indies to qualify. I cannot for the life of me see how this is the case...