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    If Javed Miandad makes a comeback?

    If Javed Miandad makes a comeback, how much do you think he will average? I think 28.
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    Do you think?

    Do you think international cricketers actually surf this forum? since it is one of the biggest forums on cricket. Do you think they see us discussing about them. What if some of them are members of this forum?
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    why batting collapses are rare?

    Why is that in batting, there are usally 1 or 2 players who will score a half century or even a century ? why overall batting collapses are rare? Like getting 50 all out or even 100 all out. They are pretty rare.
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    Which player would you wish to see reincarnate?

    I would like if Graham Gooch reincarnates. Too bad he was before my time, but i have seen some of his batting high lights and i really like his batting style, I would love to see him bat today
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    Paul Collingwood should be the captain in Tests and ODI's

    Seriosuly he is a really good captain as shown here in the T20 worldcup. He should be named captain for Tests and ODI's also Discuss.....
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    Why Is Pakistan's Recent Record Against Australia So Poor?

    so why? especially in death situations, be it Tests, ODI's 20/20's they always lose.
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    One of the best ODI's, England Vs West Indies 1986

    Truly one of the best ODI's 2nd ODI: West Indies v England at Port of Spain, Mar 4, 1986 | Cricket Scorecard | Cricinfo.com the was a Richard Vs Gooch contest Too bad it was way before my time, does anyone have only footage of this match?
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    Would a batsmen be considered greater then Bradman if?

    Would a batsmen be considered greater then Bradman if he plays only 20 tests then retires averaging more then him?. lets say this were his scores in the 20 Tests he plays 157, 93 22, 89 6,17 102,56 76,32 274*, 80 188, 14 287*, 4 12, 194* 0, 88 177, 33 9, 20 304*, 7 22, 52 176, 17 62, 34 10, 48...
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    20/20 is taking my interest from cricket away

    seriously i am not enjoying cricket these days. its all about 20/20 games these days. why so few test series or ODI tournaments. I mean I understand limiting the number ODI's played ( though i dont agree with that too) but why so few test series?
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    watching test cricket at stadium?

    is watching test cricket at stadium boring? i mean i like watching test cricket at home, but at home i can do other stuff when i am watching, i can even take breaks from watching boring slow sessions, but this can't happen at a stadium. how do people manage? also what do people do when some...
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    whatever happend to multi nation ODI tournaments?

    whatever happend to the multi nation ODI tournaments that were so popular in the 80's, 90's and early 2000's In the last 3-4 years there have been so few of these ODI tournaments. I almost feel there is no or very little cricket being played these days because of this. and i am not a fan of IPL
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    Steve Tikolo retired in february?

    How come there was no news of this:http://www.****************.net/showthread.php?t=8752 Apprantly he retired from international cricket in february 2010 One of the greatest batsmen ever
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    Should Lara make a test comeback?

    he is coming back to county cricket:Brian Lara lined up for Surrey comeback | England Cricket News | Cricinfo.com So should he make a test comeback too?
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    Most Exciting test matches

    what have been the most exciting test matches? This to me was one of pakistan's most exciting test match, great finish at the end: 1st Test: Pakistan v Australia at Karachi, Sep 28-Oct 2, 1994 | Cricket Scorecard | Cricinfo.com ^ Saeed anwar was amazing
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    ODI's and T20's really popular among females?

    I have noticed that ODI's and especially T20's are really popular among girls, they seem to love it. I am glad they like it, it's nice if a sport is enjoyed by girls. Test cricket is only for men to watch. Btw do you think T20's is the most popular sport among females? or atleast one of the...
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    Who is the best ODI player of all time?

    its surprising that we have never discussed this, who is the best player all time in ODI's? i am talking about over all player, not best batsmen or best bowler. I would rate Sanath Jayasuriya as the best, i mean a guy with over 10000 runs and 300 wickets and a great feilder, this guy is a...
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    Saeed Anwar only 55 tests?

    Why did Saeed Anwar play only 55 tests, considering he played so many ODI's? he was one of the stylish pakistani batsmen even in test matches, he his fellow player Inzamam played 120 tests.
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    How many professional cricketers are on this site?

    I was just wondering how many professional cricketers are on this site? and do you think International players actually surf this forum? or are members of this forum? because this is one of the biggest cricket forum.
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    weird test match

    This is a really weird test match, how come this was a draw with such low scores:1st Test: England v Pakistan at Leeds, Jul 25-30, 1974 | Cricket Scorecard | Cricinfo.com and whats with this: Close of play 25 Jul day 1 - Pakistan 1st innings 227/9 (Sarfraz Nawaz 5*, Asif Masood 1*) 26 Jul day...
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    Batsmens with the best average against Australia and West Indies?

    West Indies had the best bowling attack in the 70's, 80's and Australia has had one of the best bowling attack in 1990's and 2000's which batsmen had the highest average against these two attacks?