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Search results

  1. slowfinger

    Fasting During Ramadhan

    Hey guys, this is aimed primarily at the Muslims, I'm a fairly young lad playing a lot of cricket and with Ramadan coming up, I have a lot of games during this period. For example the first week is me playing a cricket festival with 6 games in 6 days I think that I will miss a lot of games if...
  2. slowfinger

    Could Asif have been a TEST ATG of Pakistan?

    I want you to see this video first : Muhammad Asif - King of Swing It seems like his control of the ball was almost perfect, his game plan seemed impecable, he got just as many batsmen out through out thinking the batsman as he did through unplayable deliveries. It wasn't like he swung the ball...
  3. slowfinger

    Solving Technical Problems (batting)

    Hello everyone, This year my cricket season has been a little dry with the bat, and I think a combination of technical glitches in my batting have contributed to me not being able to occupy time at the crease. Last week, I opened the batting for my team's 2nd XI and I occupied the crease for a...
  4. slowfinger

    Favourite Wick/Bats test innings?

    Adam Gilchrist - 2nd Fastest Test 100 I stumbled across this today and was completely dumbstruck by this BLINDER of an innings, the variety of his shots and the consistency! I mean, I went to the nets, tried to hit 1 like Gilchrist, and found myself bowled, the man is a genius :wub: What is...
  5. slowfinger

    BEST end to a TEST career

    Sorry for the last thread, was a little vague... This is what I want!
  6. slowfinger

    Worst Send Off in Cricket?

    With a lot of people retiring and, in their final game, not making a valuable addition to their stats (ie scoring runs/taking wickets), I pondered and wondered if there were any players that made a great contribution in their final game, any thoughts? EDIT: would prefer Tests to ODI/T2o, but...
  7. slowfinger

    Tino Best Appreciation Thread

    Plzz no hate. Enjoy :)
  8. slowfinger

    Ajmal optimistic of playing till 2015 World Cup

    Ajmal keen to play 'till the next World Cup Interesting article. What impact do you think he's made on Cricket, where will he end up?
  9. slowfinger

    Anyone up for making a new draft?

    Hey guys its been 2 or 3 years since i last tried one of these... marc FTW! Haha anyone got the time to set up a new one!!??
  10. slowfinger

    Just a quick query

    Soz if the thread isn't supposed to be here, but I was wondering if anyone remembered the post when someone said something like: "If Shoaib (Akhtar) keeps throwing his jockstrap around somebody is going to get (something)" It was a little bit before the t20 world cup (2010) when he couldn't...
  11. slowfinger

    'Teams at their Peak' XI

    Ok, so I was going through 'Barry Norman's Book of Cricket' and he was talking about (in his opinion) the best teams in the World at their Peak were: The 'Warwick Wonders' 1920-21 Bradman's 'Invincibles' 1948 The Super 'Springboks' 1970 The Windies 'Wizards' 1984-85 :ph34r:Ponting's...
  12. slowfinger

    The Taliban wished Afghanistan luck against Pakistan

    Woah, woah, woah! Cricket IS the anti-dote to war! Even Taliban lends support to Afghanistan cricketers Love or hatred for this?
  13. slowfinger

    Need help with fitness!

    Hi guys, I am trying my hardest to get into my county side, and if I'm gonna make it I am going to need to stand out, fitness being the best way. I believe I have the talent to make it but with 0 fitness who will want that... So, whats the best way to do this baring in mind I need CARDIO and I...
  14. slowfinger

    How does Cricket stack up in terms of Fitness?

    Me and a few mates were agruing as per. I said that to play cricket properly, you needed to be REALLY fit and be able to last at least 6 hours. He laughed at me and said all you do is stand around and run when batting. He then said Rugby and Football were MUCH more high intensity and required...
  15. slowfinger

    Should I follow my dreams?

    Its a make-or-break situation for me now... I can't seem to get into the main county side although I am positive that I should be in there... Should I just give up on cricket and focus elsewhere? I love cricket with all my heart and I really want to take it as far as I can... Please help?
  16. slowfinger

    Umar Akmal-Hero or Zero?

    Huge fail with the title, but read this Saad Shafqat on "The Riddle that is Umar Akmal"
  17. slowfinger

    Wasim Akram 'I'm fed up with the attitude of some players'

    Wasim Akram: 'I'm fed up with the attitude of the senior players' | Specials | Cricinfo Magazine | ESPN Cricinfo This guy talks sense. 'I am fed up of people retiring and coming out of retirement' really catches it for me. Your views?
  18. slowfinger

    Do Top teams play minnows enough?

    I was wondering about that because I was thinking about players' average and how they attain them, old v new. It seems to get a 50+ average now, is harder because of the top teams playing other top teams, and not getting a chance to bolster averages through playing minnows, what are your views?
  19. slowfinger


    Hey, its me again :dry: , and ITS MY BIRTHDAY ! Anyway, just wanted to say that I am currently in some pretty good form but I not consistent enough, when I get nervous I tend to defend A L O T. So, naturally, being as awesome as I am, decided to try playing attacking. But I want tips from you...
  20. slowfinger

    Nasser Hussain

    He really looks interesting to me, Indian family, very hardworking guy and when he captained England were looking very good, his batting took major blows at times due to his 'fear of getting out', but he got his runs at a respectable 37 average. Thoughts on him? Was he England's greatest...