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  1. Ausage

    Whatever happened to OS' avatar?

    He made a tactical error changing it AFTER he was eliminated from BotM.
  2. Ausage

    NRL 2014 Tipping Thread

    Gentlemans and genlewimmins. It's time for the awe-inspiring experience that is NRL tipping. Once again I will be your tipmaster as we decend into the madness that is the NRL season. Post here to find out whether the HJ madness will continue, if Uv will continue to tip the tigers after their...
  3. Ausage

    NRL 2013 Tipping Thread

    Come one come everyone to the greatest tipping game of all. Guess correctly and earn the eternal respect and admiration of your peers, guess incorrectly and be shamed into deep despair. Rules are same as always. 1) 1 point per correct tip. 2) A bonus point will be awarded for the week's top...
  4. Ausage

    *Official* NRL 2013 Season thread

    Well trials and whatnot have started. Time for another edition of the greatest game of all. Will the Sharks finally welcome Harold Holt through the front door? Will Matt Elliott's Warriors recover from their terrible 2012? Will Thurston finally get a premiership that isn't a footnote? Will we...
  5. Ausage


    I'm watching you.
  6. Ausage

    NRL 2012 Tipping Thread

    Once again it's that glorious time of the year when a man can fight for the right to brag about his ability to correctly guess more football results correctly than his peers. Rules are the same as always. 1) 1 point per correct tip. 2) A bonus point will be awarded for the week's top...
  7. Ausage

    *Official* NRL 2012 Season thread

    Well it's that time of year folks. Trials are starting soon and teams are back training. Surprised there hasn't been more chat given that the off season has been pretty eventful. NRL Fixtures - 2012 NRL Draw - NRL.com Manly imploding after the Grand Final was pretty incredible, it will be...
  8. Ausage

    5ives Cricket - Possible new 50-50 format

    High-fives all round for new one-day game Interested to see what the good folk of CW Cricket Chat think about the possibility of a new 50 over format.
  9. Ausage

    Last one to post wins

    Who wants it the most?
  10. Ausage

    Your preferred WC format

    With alot of talk about how the format in this tournament makes it too long, with too many useless games I thought it might be a good idea for CW to have a bit of a brainstorm to work out the best way forward for the powers that be. ;) Assume that the format for the next WC hadn't been...
  11. Ausage

    NRL 2011 Tipping Thread

    Come one, come all. The tipping comp for the 2011 NRL season is underway.Hopefully we get a strong turnout, but it's been a quiet start to the thread this year. Needs more footy talk. I blame Benchy tbh :ph34r: Rules are the same as last year. 1) 1 point per correct tip. 2) A bonus point...
  12. Ausage

    Planning on playing cricket

    I mean what kind of man would I be if I didn't heed the call of my country in its darkest hour? :ph34r: In all seriousness, soccer has been the sport I've played since I've been very young. I had a very bad knee injury (medial ligament) a few years back, and after several attempted comebacks, a...
  13. Ausage

    Counting posts

    I've seen people display lists of how many posts each user has in a particular thread. I can't seem to figure out how to do this. Anyone able to tell me?
  14. Ausage

    The Octopus

    Luck, conspiracy or something supernatural?
  15. Ausage

    Tottenham Hotspur FC

    Team lineup will be as follows for now. Formation will be a 442 diamond unless Mascherano or Malbranque go down, at which point Jenas or Fellianni slot into a standard 442. GK Iker Casillas DEF Glen Johnson - Michael Dawson - Gael Givet - Benoit Assou-Ekotto DM Javier Mascherano LW Steven...