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  1. roseboy64

    Sub allowed to keep and bat?

    So Denesh Ramdin the wicket-keeper selected for WI duty was injured sometime within the last 24 hours during the training camp and so a replacement has been called up, Carlton Baugh. The controversy here comes from the fact that Baugh was playing in a FC match between Jamaica and T&T. It's now...
  2. roseboy64

    R.I.P Runako Morton

    The man with the epic 32 ball duck is gone. Car accident. Dead at 33. WICRICNEWS Runako Morton rumored dead
  3. roseboy64

    WICB Director compares Chris Gayle to an alleged criminal

    Download HILLARY BECKLES NOW.mp3 from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way From min 57-59: Read more: WIPA condemns Beckles for comparing Gayle to 'Dudus' - Latest News - JamaicaObserver.com Dujon against Professor Beckles? 'donmanship' statement about Gayle | RJR News Beckles'...
  4. roseboy64

    Conflicting statements on Gayle

    First the WICB ---> WICB: Gayle makes himself unavailable for Pakistan Series Now Gayle ----> Windies froze me out, says emotional Gayle Felt this would get lost in the series thread. Also to note from someone else:
  5. roseboy64

    Best Song Evar!!!!

  6. roseboy64

    2010 FIFA Official World Cup Kickoff Concert

    2010 FIFA Official World Cup Kickoff Concert Live now.
  7. roseboy64

    Mediations Break Down In West Indies

    This is the funniest thing ever. Apparently two journalists have been on public radio giving misleading info in direct contrast to what the mediator has said on public record. Basically it seems the WICB made unreasonable demands and negotiations broke down as a result. This is also the first...
  8. roseboy64

    Caribbean Professional Cricket League Coming

    Radiojamaica.com A challenge to the WICB apparently.
  9. roseboy64

    WICB Fires Coach - Dyson gone

    So the WICB has fired John Dyson with no reason given and the assistant coach David Williams is temporarily in charge. A new story every day.:dry: Drama FTW.8-)
  10. roseboy64

    Neutral Views

    Wanted to see how many other neutrals will be watching this series. Found out recently that the station I watch WI overseas tours on will be carrying this one. Previously carried the 2005 one and I think the last, but it was at a bad time to watch so can't remember.
  11. roseboy64

    Chris Gayle willing to quit West Indies captaincy

    Chris Gayle willing to quit West Indies captaincy and face future without Tests The West Indies batsman admits he could step down as captain and believes Twenty20 cricket will kill the five-day game "I wouldn't be so sad," says Gayle when asked how he would feel if Test cricket were to die...
  12. roseboy64

    West Indies thread

    Finally a team named. Here it is.
  13. roseboy64

    Solitary Shivnarine Chanderpaul just happy to keep on batting

    The No1 batsman in the world admits it's always about him against the rest of the world, whether it's battles with personalities, the media or leading the West Indies
  14. roseboy64

    Most Dangerous Ball

    Franklyn Rose is world class
  15. roseboy64

    ***Official*** West Indies in England

    April 2009 Tue 21 - Thu 23 11:00 local, 10:00 GMT Leicestershire v West Indians Grace Road, Leicester Sat 25 - Mon 27 11:00 local, 10:00 GMT Essex v West Indians County Ground, Chelmsford Thu 30 - Sun 3 11:00 local, 10:00 GMT England Lions v West Indians County Ground, Derby May 2009 Wed 6 -...
  16. roseboy64

    West Indies Domestic Season 2008/2009

    Reigning One day Champions : Jamaica Reigning First Class Champions: Jamaica The domestic season kicked off today with the regional one day tournament which is unsponspored and will be funded by the WICB to the tune of US$400,000 approx. Matches are in progress at the moment in the 9 team...
  17. roseboy64

    West Indies and India in New Zealand

    National Bank Series 2008/09 West Indies December 2008 Fri 05 - Sun 07 v State Auckland Aces at Eden Park Outer Oval, Auckland Thur 11 - Mon 15 1st Test at University Oval, Dunedin 12noon Fri 19 – Tues 23 2nd Test at McLean Park, Napier 12noon Fri 26 Twenty20 International at Eden Park...
  18. roseboy64

    ***Official*** Associate Tri-Series

    18 Aug - Canada vs Bermuda 20 Aug - West Indies vs Bermuda 22 Aug - Canada vs West Indies 24 Aug - Final All matches start at 12:00 p.m. at Maple Leaf Cricket Club (13811 Dufferin Rd, King City, ON)
  19. roseboy64

    Caribbean Thread

    Well as the name suggests it'll be about the Caribbean. Mostly about Jamaica though since we usually have the most success. Some surprises in our T&F Trials with the women's 100m Champ from last year's Worlds finishing 4th. Also, in the men's the winner jogged to 9.85, Usain Bolt, and Asafa...
  20. roseboy64

    LBW Legside Rule

    Seen it on another forum and saw this post here: What do you think? Should balls that pitch outside leg be given out, if they're gonna hit the wicket? Would be a major change in how the game is played.