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Search results

  1. Xuhaib

    *Official* English Football Season 2022/23

    This man Halaand is a terminator its a shame like Messi AND CR7 he will retire without a world cup medal
  2. Xuhaib

    How good was Graeme Pollock ?

    Garth le roux had really good stats in the rebel tests shame a lot of these great Saffers never played test cricket.
  3. Xuhaib

    Kapil Dev vs Shakib Al Hasan

    Kapil Dev. This is like Sharjeel vs Rizwan comparison they tend to have on Pakpassion.
  4. Xuhaib

    The greatest cricketers from the subcontinent - how would you rank them?

    Murali Imran Sachin Wasim Gavaskar Sangakara Dev Waqar Dravid Younis
  5. Xuhaib

    How good was Graeme Pollock ?

    By 80's WI was comfortably a better side the likes of Barry Richards, Pollock, Proctor, Van Birjl, Barlow were all on the worng side of 30's only Clive Rice was in his peak. The next generation was not as good most likely lack of international cricket hampered their development but 70's...
  6. Xuhaib

    How good was Graeme Pollock ?

    He also averaged 65 odd in 16 odd rebel tests. In some alternate world South Africa - Windies in 70's could have been sports greatest rivalry given the politics behind it.
  7. Xuhaib

    *Official* England in Pakistan (T20, September 2022)

    Yes when chahcu ifti is your best middle order bat then I guess you are doomed
  8. Xuhaib

    *Official* England in Pakistan (T20, September 2022)

    That's a hammering. Atleast they were bold enough today to rest Rizwan and Rauf and try some one new.
  9. Xuhaib

    *Official* England in Pakistan (T20, September 2022)

    Yes Root is dynamic enough to be an asset in T 20 not that he is overly needed by England, would definetly be my first name for the team sheet had he been a Pakistani.
  10. Xuhaib

    *Official* England in Pakistan (T20, September 2022)

    I am pretty sure Sharjeel Khan posts there, he has this unhealthy obsession with Rizwan undermining any knock of significance from him with a final conclusion that a 20 ball 40 from Sharjeel Khan would have been more beneficial for Pakistan cause .
  11. Xuhaib

    Indian Cricket Dhaba

    Yes his action is very demanding on the back. I don't see him lasting past 32-33 with this action of his.
  12. Xuhaib

    Who was the best bowler of reverse swing?

    Aravinda became great post 95 when Waqar peak had passed
  13. Xuhaib

    Who was the best bowler of reverse swing?

    Yes Wasim was good but Waqar was unreal batsman knew what was coming but they could not do anything about it the sheer pace and in swing would do them
  14. Xuhaib

    Who was the best bowler of reverse swing?

    It's Waqar 90-95 it's not even close was there ball tampering yes likely but to be honest most reverse swing spells in history have been done with external support.
  15. Xuhaib

    *Official* England in Pakistan (T20, September 2022)

    Is Rizwan our greatest ever T 20 cricketer or is it still Gul?
  16. Xuhaib

    *Official* England in Pakistan (T20, September 2022)

    Rizwan consistency in T 20 is unreal only peak Kohli was as consistent as him
  17. Xuhaib

    Harold Larwood vs Brian Statham?

    Anderson makes the England all time Xi for me along with Truman and Barnes.
  18. Xuhaib

    Viv Richards vs Sachin Tendulkar

    Taking a players best season/series away to judge is the most ****ty way to critique him. Sachin if you take his hundreds and fifties away was worse batsman then Shane Warne. Sachin went 210 innings without a 100/50 in his career Warne only 187 so Warne is better.
  19. Xuhaib

    Mark Illot vs Abey Kuruvilla

    Never understood why Kuruvilla played just 10 tests it's not like he was competing with some great pacers I thought he was perfectly acceptable cricketer similar to Prasad who played much more.