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Search results

  1. Kweek

    ***Official **** European Championship Division 1

    European Championship starting this friday to be held in Ireland Teams: Denmark Ireland Italy Netherlands Norway Scotland Fixtures Friday 25 July Ireland v Norway, The Hills Scotland v Denmark, Malahide Netherlands v Italy, North County Saturday 26 July Ireland v Denmark, Leinster...
  2. Kweek

    Kervezee signs for Worcestershire

    good luck to Alexei at Worcs! hope he becomes a big one, and gets dutch cricket to the next level!
  3. Kweek

    cricket player manager game

    Oke... I used to be addicted to a game where you were a cricket player, and had to find a county to play for with a salary and stuff. If you did well you could be asked for your nation.You had to train your player and could find sponsor stuff on his gear(let his pads be sponsored by Pepsi, his...
  4. Kweek

    Article on cricket

    for school I need a news article for a vocal exam, I intend to do it about cricket or something that has to do with it, I need a news article with views and opinions on things, I was looking for a article a review for the 2006 county season maybe, can't really find it. other ideas are welcome...
  5. Kweek

    The Netherlands Thread

    likely Squad: van Bunge de Leede Adeel Raja OR K Hussain(im hoping Raja) Kervezee van Troost (C) Smits (as keeper...) Buurman (backup keeper) Zuiderent de Grooth Seelaar Reekers Schiferli Stelling Ten Doeschate and whatmore dunno, we'll see by then. pretty even squad, the batting department...
  6. Kweek

    The almighty Titans thread

    Welcome to the best grade team in CWland :D chat here about squad selection, your disliking of the captain, your problems with grade players. Or scream out your delight if we get another draw! COME-ON TITANS!(steds for bunny!)
  7. Kweek

    Caption this: weird action

    and I thought my bowling action was bad
  8. Kweek

    catpion this: Lara

  9. Kweek

    Hampshire Hawks soaring to the top[ICC 2005 Story]

    So I decided to make a Hampshire ICC story, after a average 1st season with Warne Katich and Pietersen gone for most of the year I decided to let some players go and sign some new ones, the shock retireing of my spin twins Warne and Udal gave me a dillema, no more spinners. Katich didnt bring...
  10. Kweek


    Well I think we should allow .Rar were already allowing .Zip so why not rar as rar is smaller then zip I kinda need it for my succesion game as Rar is about 200kb smaller. cheers in advance!
  11. Kweek

    [ICC 2005] multiplay offline

    [ICC 2005] Succesion Game! I start a ICC 2005 game with Hampshire, I play 2 matches, and I upload it and the next person in line plays 2 matches, uploads it and the next in line plays etc. etc. we've done this before with ICC 2002 :) a max of 5 people so 4 more and we can start! who'se...
  12. Kweek

    New Cricket coach screenshot plus good news

    http://www.rockinghamgames.com/ 2D match view :D yayay
  13. Kweek

    Marcel Mckenzie

    well my club just Signed Marcel Mckenzie for the coming season, my question is to all New zealanders do you know this guy? is he any good ? got pics of him ?
  14. Kweek

    Dutch cricket

    Cricket in Holland isnt going very good at the moment...youth is growing steadly but not fast. KNCB(board) has money problems therefor the dutch team cant do a proper warm-up for the ICC throphey just the local competion. the dutch 1st team doesnt have a future in the NEAR future on the long...
  15. Kweek

    New cricket coach screenshots

    Rockingham-Games is proud to announce 4! new screenshots check em out at http://www.rockinghamgames.com/ looks impressive !
  16. Kweek

    Weber wants out of green

    After being a few days with his new squad, fresh blood Weber already wants out of Green Weber: ive been training a few days now and spoke to some lads. i think the way Garven is captaining the squad is the wrong way, he's Arrogant and i cant stand that also Weber adds i can now totally...
  17. Kweek

    JME01-Succesion Game part 2 :D

    as we cant join the old game..who wants have a new go..bugs said he wanted to... so i thought lets start our own one :) first lets vote which team we shall take...i vote for or Middlesex or Somerset...