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Search results

  1. Stapel

    Tickets for the England - India series (question)

    Since I couldn't see an official thread on India in England, I made a new thread. I'm planning to go to England with a few team mates. As we play our league matches in Holland on Saturdays, we have to plan around that. So it's going to be Days 1&2 at Edgbastopn or Days 2&3 at Trent Bridge. The...
  2. Stapel

    James Vince: Why are the selectors right? Or not?

    James Vince was tried throughout the 2016 Test summer. And it is fair to say he had a decent opportunity, but proved to be no test standard at that moment in time. Going by his 2017 FC-season statistics, I can't see why he was recalled. Yet he was! So there mus be other reasons. Assuming...
  3. Stapel

    Artificial led lights for outdoor cricket nets

    As the start of the season is only 6 weeks ahead, my team can't wait to get into the nets. The problem is the sun sets too early....... Does anyone here have any experience with an easy led light solution? Preferably (car) battery operated? Or am I just a dreamer?
  4. Stapel

    From a neutral perspective, these Ashes suck

    They really do! Yesterday, I returned to Holland from what should have been My Great Ashes Holiday Trip. Normally, me & mrs Stapel go camping in France or Italy. A couple of months ago, my loving wife, fully aware I love to watch cricket, suggested we could go camping in England and watch...
  5. Stapel

    Umpire handling the ball. Now what?

    During our yesterday evening's midsummer T20 match, we had some discussion in the field. And some more discussion after the match while sharing a beer and a laugh. An opponent batsman managed to pull a rather poor delivery to square leg. The fielder at deep forward square got in the line, but...
  6. Stapel

    Can I disable the auto-censor?

    Well, can I? I know & understand this site has a famly friendly auto sensor. But personally, I really don't care, and would prefer to see whatever words my fellow posters choose to use.
  7. Stapel

    Not walking when you nick it? That's cheating!

    So says Mark Nicholas in an article on cricinfo In my own cricket league, which is the furthest away form top level cricket imaginable, there is a pretty fair understanding that the batsman knows better than the (inexperienced) umpire anyway. So we simply go by the batsman's decision. Hardly...
  8. Stapel

    Looking for a cricket related charity fund

    Hi all, This week I've given one of my students a book (Surely you are joking mr. Feynman) as a present. Since his parents keep insisting on paying for it, we agreed on making the amount a donation to any sort of charity of my choice. The kid himself came up with the idea of a charity fund for...
  9. Stapel

    Cricket and the English Education System

    Guys, please help me out! Introduction: Two weeks ago, I was on tour in East Sussex, where we (my relatively crap cricket team, which has only three players who have held a bat before the age of 30) would play two matches against village teams. Good fun! Unfortunately, our 2nd match was rained...
  10. Stapel

    What are the best online radio stations that have live Test commentary?

    There should be numerous around, not? I used to follow English tests on Five-Live, but since a year or so, it is only available online within the UK. Not too much of a problem, since the London-broadcasted longwave on AM 192 kHz can be recieved as far as Karlsruhe :) . But there MUST be...
  11. Stapel

    About the Aussies touring the West Indies and ticket information

    The good news is that my fiancee has agreed with a honeymoon trip to Jamaica (we'll get married 17 may 2008). The even better news is that the first test between Australia and the West Indies will be played 22-26 may at Sabina Park :) . The poor news is that I really do NOT have a clue how to...