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    4th Test at Old Trafford, Manchester

    nasser would never have been good enough to lace steve smith's bootlaces,
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    1st Test, Edgbaston, Birmingham

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    1st Test, Edgbaston, Birmingham

    I watched the test match on TV and was amazed at the look on ALL the English players faces,they looked scared to death,especially the captain who looked absolutely mortified
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    A.F.L. Thread II

    Ben Cousins and Georgie Best should have spent time in jail for robbing the public of 10 years of their entertaining value,it is shameful of both of them,...Best was undoubtedly the greatest soccer player of all time,and Cousins was amongst the best 5 AFL players ever to play. Boose & women...
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    Englands new Rugby League Coach

    Now we hammer the once "great" Wigan ..42-12. However we might notice some improvement in the future with Wayne Bennett coaching the England team.:unsure:
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    Englands new Rugby League Coach

    Wayne bennett was born in queensland in 1950. I see the Sydney Roosters hammered the St helens club 38-12 these matches are getting boring we can't get a bet on with the bookies to back the Aussie sides.:laugh:
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    Cricket in South Australia

    I have been a cricket lover all my life watching county cricket in Yorkshire until I was 37 years old then emigrated to this great country ( Adelaide ) I have managed to watch a few good seasons cricket here but generally they are a load of crap,...what is bugging me is, they keep changing...
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    Wastemen etc

    I just read it on a official site that Voges current average is 84.something
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    Wastemen etc

    Rogers batting makes Voges batting exciting.
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    Englands new Rugby League Coach

    How about trying out this new Quiz?? In which Major sport in England do they not have an Australian coach??.....it is very hard to solve isn't it? I see that England have now poached one of our top Rugby League coaches in Wayne Bennett.....they realize they will never beat us at this game so...
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    *Official* Darts Thread

    It totally amazes me that ANYONE can get excited about Darts,I see absolutely nothing in darts and I always believed it was a game!!!! played by men who wanted an excuse to drink several pints of beer.
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    Anyone else just hate NZ culture?

    The New Zealander are a wonderful culture of people.they have a very small population and yet they have a top class sporting section ,they are world class in many sports including,Rugby (both codes),cycling,Hockey (men & women) swimming,& womens netball,cricket, ....per capita they are one of...
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    World T20

    How much longer are we going to have to endure that Wanqer Watson?? he has NEVER had the right temperament to play international cricket and I would like to know if he has some kind of hold on the Aussie selectors,For Christ's sake get rid of the useless twit.he is a waste of oxygen........I...
  14. B

    World T20

    revenue is the reason for 3 consecutive Asian competitions
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    Adil Rashid's amazing leg-spin in the Big Bash

    Yes he has bowled very well unfortunately he looses a lot of his composure when they knock him about a bit. He has two Aussies to thank for his rapid improvement.Jason Gillespie & Bailey the English coach......Gee I don't know what English sport would do without Aussie coaches.
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    Snail pace Australia

    What in hell's name is wrong with Smith this morning??425 run scored on the first day and he (&warner) come out this morning and start playing as though they are trying to save a game,they have been playing 50 minutes today and Smith has just scored his 8th run overall,.....what the hell is...
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    Brad Haddin retires

    You must have watched a different player to the one I saw,
  18. B

    Brad Haddin retires

    Apart from Gilchrist Brad Haddon gave me more excitement than any other keeper especially when Australia was in a hole,where he excelled ....which is more than can be said about weaklings such as Watson.
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    A.F.L. Thread II

    every time you open your mouth you put your foot in it.