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Search results

  1. duffer

    ************Official IPL 2020******

    Reports coming in that it will be held in the UAE from late September until early November. C'mon CSK, let's do this thang
  2. duffer

    Umar Akmal suspended under PCB's anti-corruption code

    Oh dear
  3. duffer

    Watto to retire from international cricket

    Details here All the best big fella.
  4. duffer

    Best bowling finishers in ODI cricket.

    Malinga and Starc come to mind. Anyone else?
  5. duffer

    0wn3d by TeamPS!

    0wn3d by TeamPS! Why does this message pop up when I'm logging onto cricketweb.net/forum? If I go direct to the other areas on the site I'm fine but not here. edit: Looked into it, teamPS is a hacking website called powersurge. Looks like someone hacked the forum.
  6. duffer

    *Official* Arsenal Football Thread Season

    For all things Arsenal get it in here.
  7. duffer

    Worrld Cricket Store

    I'm thinking of buying some India merchandise for a good friend's birthday next month and I think a "personalised" Sehwag jersey is the way to go. So before I order it off www.worldcricketstore.com, I just wanted to know if anyone here has used it before. Is it a reasonably fast service, is...
  8. duffer

    Shaun Tait

    I had the pleasure of watching him bowl live for the first time today, and although he did get tonked around a bit by Jacques and Thornley I was really impressed by the way he looked. Strong lad, always up there, always challenging the batsmen and was a bit unlucky too, a few streaky shots...