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Search results

  1. BoyBrumby

    Privacy notice whenever I change pages

    When I'm surreptitiously reading CW from my work laptop (your tax monies in action, UK readers...) every time I change page I get this warning appear: When I click "accept" I can carry on, but it's a pain in the arse, frankly. I've tried changing the various options, but none seems to have...
  2. BoyBrumby

    England's best/worst since 66 and all that

    Our national football team's ongoing tournament travails have been touched on in the recent "The most depressed you've been after a sporting event" thread, so I thought it was time to bring CW's collective analytical acumen to bear on ranking them in some kind of order. I've excluded the 1968...
  3. BoyBrumby

    Memories of cricket

    If one casts one's mind back to those far-seeming days before those mounted harbingers of the apocalypse (Death, Pestilence, Famine & Bog Roll Shortage) cantered down the empty streets of what was once human civilisation one vaguely recalls this thing called "cricket". Oh, I know it seems...
  4. BoyBrumby

    The Final (and 3rd place play off)

    Good start to the build up for England as Willie Heinz is ruled out with a hamstring and Ben Spencer is called up to replace him and presumably gets a spot in the XXIII. Always said we should've had three 9s in the squad...
  5. BoyBrumby

    Tonga lead the rugby union world

    In ringers. :ph34r: No fewer than 19 of their 31 man squad are foreign born. Their pacific island neighbours Samoa aren't very far behind with 18 non natives in Japan for the tournament. Given the vast majority of these are NZ-born (two entire XVs worth, in fact) it does rather give lie to...
  6. BoyBrumby

    FC cricketer & Windrush scandal victim dies without apology

    From The Guardian A sad coda to one of the most shameful episodes in the recent history of this septic isle. Richard "Wes" Stewart, who, like too, too many others entered the UK as a British citizen only to be told over half a century later he was an illegal alien, has passed away before any...
  7. BoyBrumby

    Rashid better than Warne: official

    Has taken more wickets in a series in India than the tubby Victorian hack ever managed. We all know performance in the subcontinent is the acid test for spinners, so quod erat demonstrandum I think. :cool:
  8. BoyBrumby

    My fellow Englishmen...

    One of our number, in that blind, flailing way of his, has raised an important question: So what is worse? Failing to make it at all or being all sucky when we get there and going out in straight sets. Poll to follow.
  9. BoyBrumby

    Making like Lazarus

    Apropos of Mitchell Johnson's transformation from *****-whipped, bi-hemispheric joke to steely eyed, cannon-armed destroyer of all hopes English. Have their ever been any other startling comebacks from similar troughs of form or depths of injury despair? Such were Johnson's woes that, it's not...
  10. BoyBrumby

    The quintessence of cricket

    One for the cricketing romantics out there. Which one feature, aspect or facet of our sport best defines or evokes it? What, for you, is most uniquely "cricket"? Unoriginal a thought as it is, for me it's that gorgeous crack of leather pinging off willow. In my own meagre estimation it's the...
  11. BoyBrumby

    Malinga unfairly Johnsoned?

    In terms of Johnson he's a better value than Anderson, Zaheer and Morkel over their entire careers as he averages almost similar to them with his balls and contributes more with the Johnson. I know he has enjoyed a period where he had rubbish balls but I think a lot of his hatred comes from the...
  12. BoyBrumby

    Rhinoplasty Dodgers XI

    Inspired by Nasser and Beefy commentating on a stand between Gambhir and Pujara. That's some serious proboscis action right there. :ph34r: 1) Bill Lawry 2) Gautam Gambhir 3) Phil Hughes 4) Nasser Hussain 5) Che Pujara 6) Ian Botham 7) <keeper?> 8) <spinner?> 9) Jason Gillespie 10) Dale Steyn...
  13. BoyBrumby

    Premier League Tipping 2012/13

    Time to strap it on once again, people. I've been wrestling with my demons and have decided I can just about be arsed to run it again. You old hands out there will doubtless know the drill by now & the scoring system that's served us so adequately for three years gets another run out. However...
  14. BoyBrumby

    ***Official Monkey Tennis Thread***

    Or "women's football" as this sport is sometimes oxymoronically known. Not usually a fan, but kudos to the British lasses who bested Brazil 1-0 to qualify top of their group for the quarters. Our girls face that mighty footballing powerhouse Canada in the last 8.
  15. BoyBrumby

    Presence at the crease

    There's an interesting exert in today's Independent from Micky "Dad of Alec" Stewart's new book in which he recalls England's memorable win in the first test of our 1989/90 Windies tour, our first over the men from the caribbean in 16 years. There's a quote about Robin Smith, the pugnacious...
  16. BoyBrumby

    Tatenda Taibu retires at 29

    From cricinfo. The diminutive Zimbabwean keeper batsman gives it away to do "the Lord's work". Never had him down as a mentalist.
  17. BoyBrumby

    Music Oracle: Euro 2012

    For those of you not familiar with the great music oracle concept, it's a devastatingly easy idea. One puts one's iTunes (or whatever music player you kwazee kidz use in 2012 now we've discovered electricity and Spikey can enter into a civil partnership with the partner of his choice) onto...
  18. BoyBrumby

    Untitled #23

    As anyone watching England's 2nd test versus the Windies will now know, the incumbent home captain has just registered his twenty-first test ton, moving him to outright fourth on the England all time list, just one behind the joint record holders, Messrs Hammond, Cowdrey & Boycott. Also...
  19. BoyBrumby

    Selective Ignoring or Banning

    It's occurred to me that some otherwise perfectly decent posters do talk absolute pigswill about certain topics ad nauseam. This is probably completely impractical, but is there any way that when they could be banned from further comment on the subject or maybe have the post checked by a mod...
  20. BoyBrumby

    **Official** West Indies in England 2012

    Schedule: Sat May 5 - Mon May 7 (11.00 BST) Sussex v West Indians (County Ground, Hove) Thu May 10 - Sun May 13 (11.00 BST) England Lions v West Indians (County Ground, Northampton) Thu May 17 - Mon May 21 (11.00 BST) 1st Test - England v West Indies (Lord's) Fri May 25 - Tue May 29...