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  1. 99*

    Draft Poll

    From one of the early draft threads, one that didn't get a sim or poll. So I guess now is as good a time as any to find out. So, vote for the side you believe is best please. (note I just put the sides together as best I could remember they would fit) Team 1 1- V. Sehwag 2- H. Sutcliffe 3- D...
  2. 99*

    Official NFL 2009-2010 Thread

    Preseason has started, guess it's time for a new thread (rather than a continuation of the 08-09 thread). I guess the big news is Vick being signed by the Iggles. Not that fussed either way tbh, although what he did was sick and twisted he did accept the punishment and faced it like a man so he...
  3. 99*

    No profile?

    I've found a problem whenever I try to access the "Your Profile" thing, it always sends me to the profile of a user called 1992. It works for any other profile I try to view, just not mine. It's not that big of a problem but I just noticed that people could have been sending me messages. (A...
  4. 99*

    Rugby Union All-Time Draft

    Given the rise of the Cricket team drafts and their popularity I thought it would be a good idea to extend it to other sports. Same idea as the cricket ones. Want around 10 total with teams of 15 people. (150 players taken in total, unless we want subs) Any takers?
  5. 99*

    Most Disgraceful Sporting Moment

    Quite simple, just post a link or give a description of what you think is the most disgraceful moment in sports. For me, the death of Roger Williamson in the Dutch GP. His car crashed, flipped and caught fire, fellow driver and friend David Purley stopped his car and got out to try flip the car...
  6. 99*

    Brendon McCullum vs M.S. Dhoni

    Well I wanted to make a battle thread, so here it is. Who IYO will end as the better wicketkeeper-batsman in tests? Both right now are very close to each other in terms of statistics, so I though these two would be good to compare. So, who is better now, and who will end up better when both...