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Search results

  1. BazBall21

    Harold Larwood vs Brian Statham?

    Yeah. Statham probably had the better career, but I reckon Snow was better. What he did in Australia and WI was special.
  2. BazBall21

    Imran Khan vs Richard Hadlee

  3. BazBall21

    Ray Lindwall vs Alan Davidson

  4. BazBall21


    This incident has gained notoriety so hopefully it will set a precedent for batters to remain in the crease until the ball is out and not assume it is going to be delivered.
  5. BazBall21


    Ironically that is exactly what the batter would have to do. I never said I was anti-mankads so the run out comparison is irrelevant as well as off-base.
  6. BazBall21


    Premeditated because she had no intention of bowling.
  7. BazBall21


    She ended up outside by the time the bail was removed due to assuming the ball was going to be delivered as that is the essence of bowling. Naive, but wasn’t trying to gain an unfair advantage.
  8. BazBall21


    Yet funnily enough not during the dismissal, and oh I forgot how hard you are.
  9. BazBall21


    Usually I’m in favour of mankads. A batsman or batter trying to gain an advantage for a run is unfair and ironically not in the “spirit of the game” at all. However, the incident on Saturday was blatantly premeditated on the bowler’s part and I don’t think the batter was trying to gain an unfair...
  10. BazBall21

    better left arm spinner - Derek Underwood or Bishan Singh Bedi?

    Bishen. Happy birthday Bedi.
  11. BazBall21

    David Gower's Top 50 Cricketers of All Time

    No Spofforth is a shame.
  12. BazBall21

    Alastair Cook vs Graham Gooch?

    Graham Gooch.
  13. BazBall21

    *Official* England in Pakistan (T20, September 2022)

    If we had one of Archer, Wood or Topley yesterday Pakistan probably wouldn’t have won. They don’t like pace and it is essential on these pitches.
  14. BazBall21

    *Official* England in Pakistan (T20, September 2022)

    Waqar Younis hasn't half enjoyed his retirement.
  15. BazBall21

    Dean Elgar vs Tom Latham vs Dimuth Karunaratne

    Forgot he isn’t much older. Yeah Cook is better than Warner.
  16. BazBall21

    Dean Elgar vs Tom Latham vs Dimuth Karunaratne

    Yeah. Warner seems to get more scrutiny for his away record than others. Definitely the best opener of his generation. I think Sharma is a better bat than Elgar but not sure I could say he’s had a better overall test career.
  17. BazBall21

    Dean Elgar vs Tom Latham vs Dimuth Karunaratne

    Latham’s average against non-minnow pace attacks: 29.65 Latham’s average outside Asia against non-minnow pace attacks: 25.19 It’s also worth noting that two of his three hundreds that come under the first filter were against a very poor Pakistan pace attack in 2014. Removing that, his average...
  18. BazBall21

    Dean Elgar vs Tom Latham vs Dimuth Karunaratne

    Definitely not Latham.
  19. BazBall21

    A Genius of the game - Martin Crowe

    Not really unknown but he maximised NZ’s limited resources at the World Cup with new strategies such as opening the bowling with the spinner and opening the batting with pinch hitters which he basically invented, catching teams unaware. He then invented cricket max which paved the way for T20...
  20. BazBall21

    Batsman v Bowler thread: Miandad or Holding in Tests?

    Wouldn’t make Australia. South Africa is close.