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Search results

  1. Retox

    Peter Fulton

    I seem to remember Bracewell saying he didn't like Fulton because he can't play off the back foot now taking into account that he isn't in form will we see Fulton back before Bracewell leaves
  2. Retox

    Which Football (Soccer) team do you support?

    Always wanted this thread, never got around to starting it. Well I support Arsenal.
  3. Retox

    Roger Twose - Did England miss him in odis?

    If england had the chance again would they have let him go or picked him?
  4. Retox

    Katich - captaincy gave me the runs

    The title of an article at foxsports.com.au :laugh:
  5. Retox


    Hey. I was signed up for this many moons ago. And wanted to get back into this how would I go about this?
  6. Retox

    NZ Cricket Coaching

    I'm looking into doing some coaching. Anyone have any idea how I would go about this I understand you need to do some courses. Thanks
  7. Retox

    Question about the name of a shot

    I was playing in the nets today and I hit a ball into cover. I was on one knee whhen I hit it. I wanted to know does this shot have a special name or is it just a cover drive?
  8. Retox

    Max Cricket VS 20/20

    Pick a card any card
  9. Retox

    Who would you have?

    If you could pick one player (current) to play for your country who would it be? remember if they are 35 they will only have 1-2 seasons with you.
  10. Retox

    The one player you want to play for your country

    Which player would you want from any other country. Remember if you select someone who is 35ish they may only play for 1-2 more years. I'd go for Hussey for NZ. We need an Opener and If I recall Hussey started as one.
  11. Retox

    My best win ever

    After NZ lost last night I started a ICC game up. McCullum (Trying things) Fleming Astle Marshal Fulton Styris Oram Vettori Mills Bond Patel I scored 120 with McGrath taking 5-37 Pretty gutted didn't think I could win. Before I started to bowl I said to myself "if I take 5wickets I'll be...
  12. Retox

    Best player form?

    This has to be one of my best. It's nothing great.
  13. Retox

    A question about Ryder

    Is a he OD opener and a FC middle order or does he open in both forms? Also does anyone have info on how well the Black Caps who are playing in the county champs are going?
  14. Retox

    Places in Aus to get Cricket Coach

    any places in Aus to get cricket coach yet?
  15. Retox

    Australia Release

    I emailed Games Warehouse And this was there relpy We have tracked down the supplier for International Cricket Captain 2005 here in Australia, they say it should arrive end of this month. International Cricket Captain 2005 $44.95 http://www.gameswarehouse.com.au/longpage.asp?gameid=11519...
  16. Retox

    How will people In Australia get this game?

    I don't have a credit card. Paypal will not let me add funds from my bank (only withdraw them)
  17. Retox

    Real Names

    The video that was posted before did not have real names for the cricketers. Now this could be cause of 2 things 1. Codemasters is cheap and will burn in hell 2. Bravo was not allowed to use real names and they shall burn in hell Why did that video have non real names?
  18. Retox

    PM turned off?

    Is there a reason for this it is such a great tool to contact people instead of making topics on the board. I would love for this feature to be turned on.
  19. Retox

    Online Cricket League

    I own a message board and am thinking of starting a Online Cricket League. www.ldforums.com So far 5 people have "signed up" including my self I would hope 4-5 more people would sign up. It would be alot like World Club Cricket but other rules and other features and so on...
  20. Retox

    Am I able to join?

    My info is as follows Name: Retox Handedness : LHB Keeper?: No Bowling : LSM (Left Slow Medium) General Batting position (1-11): 6-7 Bowler Pos: 5-6th bowling Batting Avge: 10.43 Bowling Avge:32.22