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Search results

  1. twctopcat

    Cricketer of the year.

    Player of the Year R Dravid (India) A Flintoff (England) Inzamam-ul-Haq (Pakistan) Jacques Kallis (South Africa) Adam Gilchrist (Australia) Glenn McGrath (Australia) Ricky Ponting (Australia) I'm sorry but how Shane Warne isn't in that group is completely beyond me. KP should win the ODI and...
  2. twctopcat


    Check out the pic here , batsmen beware!!
  3. twctopcat

    Brian Lara cricket 2005

    New game out this year, looks ok but doubt it will be a big improvement on ea cricket 2004. What did make me laugh was that in Australia and New Zealand it will be called Brian Lara cricket, because of course no-one down there has heard of him have they?!?! :blink:
  4. twctopcat

    Greatest bowling combination ever

    Plenty to choose from e.g Mcgrath and Warne, Ambrose and Walsh, Waqar and Wasim, Trueman and Statham, the list goes on, anyone have any particular favourites?
  5. twctopcat


    Just wondering why there is the rule that if the ball pitches outside of leg stump you cannot be adjudged to be out LBW. I don't like this rule because on the face of it you're leg is blocking the balls path to the stump, doesn't matter to me where it pitches. Is there any deeper meaning to it...
  6. twctopcat


    I know people either think he's a cheat or a genius (perhaps both), but nonetheless i'd like to congratulate murali on equalling C.Walsh's record of 519, which he will no doubt break in a day or two. A quite remarkable effort from a mind boggling bowler. P.s if we could leave the insults from...
  7. twctopcat

    England vs Jamaica XI

    Vaughan hits a century before lunch, all be it against a mediocre (even by windies standards) attack, not bad going. Anyone know of a url for an ball by ball update? Cricinfo don't seem to have one, i haven't found one at least.
  8. twctopcat

    147 - another ton

    I know this could be jumping the gun and people have been talking about it for a long time but this lad Kevin Pietersen looks the real deal. He doesn't seem to get fazed and just loves scoring lots of runs, as soon as he can play for the first XI (around september?) i hope the selectors let him...
  9. twctopcat

    English wicket keepers

    Just wondering why england insist on selecting Chris Read ahead of Geraint Jones in the England setup when Jones clearly has the better FC record in terms of batting and seems to be (correct me if i'm wrong) pretty handy behind the stumps for Kent. There's only a couple of years difference so...
  10. twctopcat

    Was spin bowling once an easier art?

    I don't know if this is the case, am asking out of pure curiosity, but was it easier to be a more successful(statistically speaking) spinner in years gone by? Due to uncovered pitches and other factors etc which resulted in a lot of spinners e.g laker ending up with such low averages, not to...
  11. twctopcat

    Cricket Clips

    I know this isn't very relevant but i was just wondering if anyone knew any websites that shared clips of cricket, past and present. Have only been into cricket alot in the past year or so and have been following the game yet have never seen much archive footage, esp of the older players. Any...
  12. twctopcat

    2004 cheats

    How do you actually use players that you design under team management on cricket 2004? I keep on designing players but nothing come of them once i leave the team management section, where r they hiding? Advice wud b appreciated.
  13. twctopcat

    cricket 2004 bowling controls

    Hey all, just got cricket 2004, brilliant game, so much more to it but was just wondering if someone could tell me exactly what each button does for the fast bowlers, spinners etc. Im using the default keys w,a,s,d but am mostly in the dark, need someone to enlighten me in terms of slower balls...