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Search results

  1. BazBall21

    Batsman v Bowler thread: Miandad or Holding in Tests?

    Contemporaries in different disciplines that had similar success. Both ATGs but a fair way off All Time XI discussions.
  2. BazBall21

    Greg Chappell vs Sunil Gavaskar

    This is one I find harder than almost any other comparison. On the one hand, Gavaskar has the bigger volume of Test runs and a slightly more diverse distribution of runs, whilst also being an opener for a country that really struggled in Test Cricket on the whole before his arrival which...
  3. BazBall21

    Hadlee vs Kallis

    Who was the better test player between Hadlee and Kallis…
  4. BazBall21

    Happy birthday Sir Clive Lloyd

    Happy 78th to Sir Clive Lloyd. Remembered best for his ruthless and revolutionary captaincy combined with diplomatic statesmanship, he was also a very fine Test bat, averaging in excess of 45 both overall and overseas.
  5. BazBall21

    Kohli vs Root

    Greater Test bat, Kohli or Root? overall career wise rather than current form.
  6. BazBall21

    Best Test opener of the 21st Century?

    Four near-contemporary successful opening bats. Divides opinion.
  7. BazBall21

    Gooch vs Gower: Who was the better Test bat?

    Two English contemporaries that were polar opposites. In terms of both batting style and off-field approach. A personality clash was seemingly inevitable. But which one in terms of overall career was the better Test batsman?
  8. BazBall21

    Better test bat: Dravid vs Sangakkara

    Two Asian greats with evenly-matched records and generally regarded as being in the same tier.
  9. BazBall21

    Graham Thorpe

    Happy birthday for yesterday to Graham Thorpe. Hope we hear some good news on his health soon 🙏 Not many England players are underrated, but he is certainly underrated. Imo, the second best England test bat out of players that debuted since 1980.
  10. BazBall21

    Better Test bowler: Anderson vs Willis.

    Two very different England pace bowlers with comparable records, who is/was the better of the two?
  11. BazBall21

    Lance Gibbs - underrated

    Another underrated player appreciation post, this time Lance Gibbs. Despite a great career, Gibbs doesn’t get a great deal of hype. I think he suffers a bit from suspicions that he was a negative bowler to the extent of not being a match-winner; but in actual fact he has plenty of match-winning...
  12. BazBall21

    Greater Test Cricketer?

    Who’s ahead overall in Tests between these two?
  13. BazBall21

    Rank Graeme Smith, Hashim Amla, Kevin Pietersen and Michael Clarke.

    Four batsmen from the same era that averaged just shy of 50 and fairly evenly matched legacy wise.
  14. BazBall21

    Andy Flower: Underrated or Overrated?

    Inarguably Zimbabwe’s greatest cricketer, Andy Flower had a brilliant if somewhat unusual career that was ultimately cut short by the increasing political issues that continue to plague the country he represented 63 times in Test Cricket. Now his “fans” will say he averaged over 50 despite the...
  15. BazBall21

    Underrated Test Player - Saeed Anwar

    I get that sample size is the main problem with Anwar (55 Tests played) and that might be why he isn’t talked about too much but this guy was a gun. Two of his best knocks came in overseas wins over in India and South Africa and he also succeeded in England, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, even did...
  16. BazBall21

    Greenidge vs Gooch

    I know there was recently an openers countdown on here but this is a direct matchup between two openers from the same era.
  17. BazBall21

    Better Test Batsman: Javed Miandad vs Martin Crowe

    My first post on here after enjoying my time reading the CW forum for over a year.