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  1. BeeGee

    ***Official*** England in New Zealand 2018

    Sun Feb 25 (50 ovs) 14:00 local 1st ODI - New Zealand v England Seddon Park, Hamilton Wed Feb 28 (50 ovs) 14:00 local 2nd ODI - New Zealand v England Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui Sat Mar 3 (50 ovs) 14:00 local 3rd ODI - New Zealand v England Westpac Stadium, Wellington Wed Mar 7 (50 ovs) 11:00...
  2. BeeGee

    Big Daddy Hundreds

    Just the other day I was reflecting on the existential futility of existence, as you do, and it occurred to me that there have been a large number of individual 200+ scores recently. So I did some digging to see if 2014 was special in that regard. Using a cutoff of 7, here are the best years...
  3. BeeGee

    Great Moments in World Cup History

  4. BeeGee

    Martin Crowe has cancer relapse

    Martin Crowe suffers cancer relapse | Stuff.co.nz Good luck to him.
  5. BeeGee

    **Official** Bangladesh in the West Indies

    Wed Aug 20 (50 ovs) 13:00 GMT | 09:00 local 09:00 EDT | 08:00 CDT | 06:00 PDT 1st ODI - West Indies v Bangladesh National Cricket Stadium, St George's, Grenada Fri Aug 22 (50 ovs) 13:00 GMT | 09:00 local 09:00 EDT | 08:00 CDT | 06:00 PDT 2nd ODI - West Indies v Bangladesh National Cricket...
  6. BeeGee

    Beat the ATG XI challenge

    After skimming through the ATG XI thread I cobbled together this side: Jack Hobbs Herbert Sutcliffe Don Bradman* Viv Richards Wally Hammond Garry Sobers Adam Gilchrist+ Imran Khan Richard Hadlee Malcolm Marshall Shane Warne The challenge is, if you should accept it, to name a side that could...
  7. BeeGee

    ***Official*** India in New Zealand 2013/14

    I saw comments about this series in the India v SA thread so I thought I'd start a tour thread. Fixtures: 1st ODI - New Zealand v India Sun Jan 19 (50 ovs) 01:00 GMT | 14:00 local 20:00 EST -1d | 19:00 CST -1d | 17:00 PST -1d McLean Park, Napier 2nd ODI - New Zealand v India...
  8. BeeGee

    Minimum post count requirement before starting a thread

    I agree with Monk. Can we please have a minimum post count requirement before being able to start a thread? It would help with spam prevention.
  9. BeeGee

    Players who are exceptional in one format and dire in another

    Guptill's ODI ton today, which follows his complete failure in the last test match got me curious about players with such a huge contrast in performance between test cricket and LO cricket. Guptill has a test batting average of 29, an ODI average of 38 and a T20 average of 35. A couple of...
  10. BeeGee

    Hardest nob in cricket

  11. BeeGee

    Which cricketer has the best name?

    Which cricketer has the best name? My favourite is Farokh Engineer.
  12. BeeGee

    Who hates Best cricketer/batsman/bowler/spinner threads?

    Me. They are the most dire **** fights imaginable.
  13. BeeGee

    Was Bruce Reid the skinniest international cricketer in history?

    The bloke looked anorexic when he was playing.
  14. BeeGee

    Discussion on Twenty20 as a format of cricket

    T20 shouldn't even be called cricket, imo. T20 is to cricket what the home run derby is to Baseball. It's an explosive exhibition of a sub-set of skills from the parent game. Yes, I'm an old fart and things were better in my day... blah... blah...get off my lawn you kids... blah... tied an...
  15. BeeGee

    How do you solve a problem like Jesse Ryder?

    Jesse Ryder Strains Black Caps Coach's Patience | Stuff.co.nz So much talent trapped inside the body of a lazy, drunken lout. What should NZ cricket do with him? It's obvious he won't do what they tell him to unless there's a huge threat associated with it. His attitude is just so bad for a...
  16. BeeGee

    Who should coach Australia?

    Peter Roebuck thinks it should be John Wright. Kiwi candidate has right stuff to coach Australia Trouble is NZ needs Wright more than Australia. I think Steve Rixon is the obvious man for the job. He made a huge improvement to a woeful NZ team when he coached them.