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Search results

  1. Manee

    How to bowl at the death?

    In the enviable minds of CW members, what are people's preferred strategies for death bowling and why? Why is your strategy better than other strategies, what is wrong with the other strategies and who are some examples of how to do it well?
  2. Manee

    If a selection fails, is it wrong?

    Hi. Just would like to ask this question to the members of CW. It is not a silly question as I have found mixed responses when I've discussed it with people but I think there will be a unanimous response on CW. To explain further, I am asking whether a selection of batsman x who goes on to...
  3. Manee

    Quote Test

    Hi, Bit bored and panicking about something so launching a perhaps pointless thread (aren't all threads pointless?). Place the quote to the man and time and then explain why it was one of the most unintentionally amusing moments in cricket. "I would have...[long pause]" I will be extremely...
  4. Manee

    Lower Back Pain

    Andrew Leipus on the back problems that fast bowlers suffer | Cricket Features | Fitness Zone | ESPN Cricinfo This article perfectly describes the pain I've had for the past 15 months. Dull ache in the lower right side of my back. Are there any cricket physios on CW who can help with how to...
  5. Manee

    Fully Scientific Selection

    Hi, Was wondering what reservations the CC posters on CW have about a domestic or international team employing a more scientific and less intuition based selection policy (i.e. the sort of stuff that is regarded as common sense on these forums) for their team, rigorously. For example, we...
  6. Manee

    Locating Americans on Cricket article

    Hi all, There was an article posted here a little while back which was two Americans going through the World Cup Semi Final and commenting with comparisons to baseball. Can anyone locate the link for me, please. Thanks.
  7. Manee

    Success of Right/Left Arm Medium bowlers?

    Okay, one of the main talking points in Indian cricket is whether bowlers who bowl at the range of 125kph (at the beginning of a spell or day) to 115kph (at the end) are admissible to Test cricket? India are full of bowlers who bowl at that sort of speed and they constitute the top domestic...
  8. Manee

    Beaten at full strength?

    In the light of the Australia loss to India and massive outrage about selection, I'd say I would be finding myself doing this too if India had lost the Test. But I raise the bigger question, when has your team and I'm talking especially about Australia, South Africa, India and England been...
  9. Manee

    The lucky bowlers, and the luckless ones

    Apologies if this has been brought up before, but I thought this can help increase the proof behind an often used luck argument for bowlers in international cricket. The lucky bowlers, and the luckless ones | Regulars | Cricinfo Magazine | Cricinfo.com
  10. Manee

    Double Bouncer

    What are people's thoughts on the double bouncer, which is being discussed as a new variation for spin bowlers. The ECB have banned it from county cricket and I know it is banned from the particular club league I play in, but it seems to still be allowed in List A international matches. And...
  11. Manee

    Cricket AM speed gun challenge

    I'm not expecting a massive reply to this thread (or any), but think that the Cricket AM speed gun challenge is a pretty interesting venture to find the pace of club bowlers. From my experience with a handheld gun, its evident that the bulk of club bowlers (below a high club level) are between...
  12. Manee

    Go on!

    Hi, Go on, please let me have the two pending changes that I have at the moment (Manee91). I have pending, Suresh Raina and Ashok Dinda to come in for JP Duminy and Theron. They were made seconds before the match started and it did say that the changes were successful...
  13. Manee

    Off season weight training

    Hi all, I was thinking that I need to put on muscle mass during the English off season. I move the ball quite a lot in the air and off the seam but while no one can accuse me of being slow, I don't get the ball through at an enormous pace. If I were to estimate, I'd reckon I spend most of my...
  14. Manee

    West Indies strike explained

    CaribbeanCricket.com - The Independent Voice of West Indies Cricket Thought this may help inform a few members, certainly made interesting reading for me.
  15. Manee

    Steve Harmison

    First Test, yes or no. I'm going to go with a very tough no. He has looked in good nick, but given Flintoff's batting form, I don't think you can drop Broad, nor can you drop Onions as Harmison may have outperformed him in this game but Onions has outperformed him for the majority of the rest of...
  16. Manee

    Free change - Andrew Flintoff

    May I request a free change of Andrew Flintoff considering he is out of the IPL with a knee injury. Cricinfo - Flintoff returns home to undergo surgery Thanks.
  17. Manee

    Outline your referral system

    After the controversy with Ponting spending too long before choosing to refer his decision, how would you outline the specifics of the referral system, from the number of referrals, to the signal to the basis on which a decision is overturned, etc.
  18. Manee

    Modern Equivalents

    Hi, Very interesting thread that could be met with a rather philosophical view that all people and therefore all cricket players are unique or the much more useful reply giving the modern day equivalents of players of the past. Heck, the equivalents don't even have to be from the present day...
  19. Manee

    Is there room...?

    Hi all, In the age of statsguru and more filters than one can count, is there still room for the simple man's analysis, the man (or woman) who watches cricket and thinks "he's good" because he looks the part or think "he's rubbish" because he has grinded his way to a fifty or the coach who...
  20. Manee

    Battle of Pre-Speedgun Fastest Bowlers

    My first battle thread and yes, just like you, I suspect it to go **** up as people complain about the concept or my poor running, but it is worth a try. This battle is for who you think the quickest bowlers in terms of who can bowl the quickest spell in terms of speeds which are currently...