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    Watching Pakistan v Windies Looks like it’s being played at a relatively new ground in Sports City Dubai Pakistan always interesting
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    New coaching methods

    Rather than playing matches in lead up to a tournament, I decided to get coaching for first time in about 35 years just to hit balls First half of session 1: tennis net laid on a good length The thinking is that net will cause ball to deviate from line and speed Second half: tennis net...
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    Cricket balls

    Recently had my first experience with playing with an English cricket ball in years It was a Duke but obviously not the test ball as village level Ball swung all day While bowlers found it easier to grip due to higher seam, they also said that it was very “tacky” as it was covered in thick...
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    Back in the day, I had the choice of gear and settled upon a predecessor of the pads that Sachin wore Light, comfortable and great protection 20+ years later and nothing has changed Morrant International Ultralite Cricket Batting Legguards - CRICKET BATTING PADS So much better than...
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    Now a mainstream sport as it will be in the Olympics for the first time in 2020 and is allegedly the world's fastest growing sport The latter is not surprising as it is very cheap (a 2nd hand board can be bought for $5 and entry to the water is free), great fun and most of the earth is water...
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    Cricket bats

    Found this article interesting (apologies to those for whom access is denied) https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2016/dec/25/melbournes-last-great-independent-cricket-bat-maker-closes-up-shop I bought Social Jnr a GN Kaboom size 6 for Xmas and it cost about $100 whilst a full size, top of the...
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    Teaching tools for a complete novice

    Hey guys, My son has recently started playing cricket. I've played a little bit and can teach him the basics when I have time. To date, I have done the same thing that my Dad did with me i.e. throw some balls, hang a ball from a tree, give him copies of Jack Pollard books, etc. However, the...
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    Olympics - does anyone actually care anymore?

    Growing up, the Olympics were massive and much of the world would be glued to their televisions for the duration This year's doesnt have anything like that feeling and, at best, is just another sporting event to me and to others that I have spoken to I'm not sure whether it's due to the...
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    Australia and their approach to T20s

    I don't think that there's any doubt that Oz has a depth of cricketing talent that is the envy of many countries yet we struggle to win meaningless matches let alone a WC in this format To put it bluntly, whatever we are doing simply isn't working and we are ranked where we should be I believe...
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    Jake Doran

    Have seen him bat 3 times and IF he can play short-pitched, quick bowling (and tbf, he looked pretty ordinary against MJ early doors) then we might have a real gem on our hands From a technical perspective, he is waaaayyyy better than SMarsh, Khawaja, Hughes (RIP) and Warner (unfair comparison...
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    Jarryd Hayne

    Surprised at the lack of comment re his making the 49ers squad as it is a massive achievement
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    Seb Coe - Head of IAAF

    What a sham! Athletics is a joke and his appointment has set it back years
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    Worst team batting performances

    Records | Test matches | Team records | Lowest innings totals | ESPN Cricinfo Of the ones that I have seen, Australia's performance today must be right up there It wasn't just the fact Oz mustered 60 in the shortest test first innings on record but also how totally inept was the batting in the...
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    Skin cancer

    Tempted to go with a less confronting title but it's a major issue Richie Benaud diagnosed with cancer If he is having radiation therapy, then it's serious My old man is riddled with it and I must have had 100 stitches Slip, slop, slap kiddies as it will kill you and a suntan is not worth it...
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    Sports in which skill levels have increased the most

    My son and I were suffering from man flu over the weekend and spent most of the Queen's birthday holiday planted on the couch watching sport and action movies By yesterday afternoon, the cupboard was pretty bare so we settled for Collingwood vs Melbourne (AFL) Normally, I would neck myself...
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    The future of cricket

    Forget about match fixing, bowlers' actions or your national team's current performance, the future of cricket lies in the hands of our kids and I am getting seriously worried about the future of the game outside the subcontinent despite a number of surveys suggesting things are fine and dandy...
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    Best club grounds

    Been in Adelaide for the last couple of days and on my travels around the city saw some fantastic grounds without having any idea as to whether they were 1st or 5th grade venues At first grade level, Sydney is much the same Upon reflection (and it's 20 years ago btw) North Sydney, Mosman...
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    Bat technology

    A couple of weeks ago, I visited my folks and was happy to see that they had kept some kept some of my old cricket gear (n.b. old people hoard ****) Amongst other things, I found a GN scoop, several Jumbos and a Symonds Super Tusker that I got from Imran Khan in return for the ****tiest bat...
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    Future Tour Program

    http://static.icc-cricket.com/ugc/documents/DOC_88DBAEF9B31537FFA0F6672087216B23_1364799484710_618.pdf Probably a thread for this somewhere but couldn't find it Anyway, I was amazed to hear that there will be another Ashes series in England in 2015 making 15 tests between the countries in 2...
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    Best sporting schools

    Came to mind after Scott won the Masters He attended a tiny secondary school called Kooralbyn International School that has only been in existence since 1985. Alumni include Adam Scott, Jason Day (3rd in Masters), Steven Bowditch (PGA tour member) and Cathy Freeman (Olympic Gold Medallist)...