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Search results

  1. listento_me

    CW Cricket Awards 2016

    So, this has been my first year here, been around for a couple months but I was wondering does the forum have yearly cricketing awards? I reckon we could do a better job than the ICC in putting together an annual award (covering all matches played in the calendar year for 2016). Let me know if...
  2. listento_me

    Shafiq and Pak's Unbeaten Streak

    Just saw an interesting article on Cricinfo about Shafiq being an unsung hero of Pakistan's rise in test cricket and tbh, I've overlooked him too but just having a look through the 7 test series and 20 tests in which Pakistan went unbeaten, the guy managed to average 50 largely at number 6, with...
  3. listento_me

    ATG XI 1900s-2000s

    Ok, so since there's a very big thread on atg test per nation, I thought I'd make one with regards to every decade from 1900-2000, so that's 11 decades (including the 2000s). So, if one had to pick a single player from each of the decades, what would these teams look like? That means there will...
  4. listento_me

    The Great Captains

    I've been working on this series for a while now, probably a year and I have finally put together a list the five greatest cricketing captains in the history of this sport. I have tried to be as objective as possible and considering the limit of only five names, the true upper echelon of the...
  5. listento_me

    Where will Jimmy finish?

    Currently, the Baron of Burnley is 9th in the all time list of cricketing wicket takers. Where do you guys think he will end up? He will absolutely over take Vaas and possibly Waqar but can he do more than Pollock's 829? The task becomes harder as Jimmy doesn't play T20s and isn't a regular...
  6. listento_me

    Joe Root v Virat Kohli

    So, both these young, supposedly great batsmen are playing their 50th test together. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get us talking about who is better, with an eye over the previous 49 tests. First, let's look at the numbers: Joe Root Age - 25 Runs - 4231 Avg - 53.55 SR -...
  7. listento_me

    A Draft by Nation: The Poll

    This is your chance to vote on the teams chosen in what is quite possibly, the single greatest draft in the history of cricketweb, so don't be shy. These are the much vaunted teams: morgieb's XI: 1. Shahriar Nafees 2. Brendan Taylor 3. Darren Bravo 4. Michael Clarke* (6) 5. VVS Laxman 6. Ryan...
  8. listento_me

    Yasir Shah: Century Man

    I feel this is the right time for this thread. easily the best leggy of his generation and unlike many bowlers, especially subcontinental spinners, he has more wickets away from "home" then at "home" with a terrific sr and the majority of his 5-fors have taken place there too. What a bowler...
  9. listento_me

    A Draft By Nation: All Time XI

    So, I thought I'd do a draft that hasn't been done on here...at least I think so. I had a quick look through search and didn't find anything like this, hopefully I haven't missed anything. The premise is pretty simple, each test playing nation and one associate, has to be represented in your...
  10. listento_me

    The Cricketers That Shaped Me

    I was thinking of a doing a series of 5 written pieces on the 5 cricketers that most shaped my viewing habits and my playing habits. Oh and just made me an all round, life long fan of the game. These cricketers are: Wasim Akram, Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist and Kevin...
  11. listento_me

    My All Time Test and ODI XI

    I'm new here so I thought Id put forward my all time Test and ODI XI. It's always a fun exercise doing something along these lines plus you guys can get to know more about me on cricketing terms. I've tried to be as objective as possible, disregarding favouritism as much as I possibly can...