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Search results

  1. superkingdave

    *Official* South African tour of England and Ireland 2022

    Another masterclass from Roy
  2. superkingdave

    County Cricket 2022

    This will go down as a pretty big choke if we don't win this.
  3. superkingdave

    County Cricket 2022

    Didn't think we would get anywhere near. Hopefully we don't throw it away.
  4. superkingdave

    *Official* 2022 New Zealand Tour of England, Ireland, Scotland & Netherlands

    Would be such a typical England move to bring in Liam Dawson.
  5. superkingdave

    England players and selection discussion thread

    I mean Tom Bailey has about 170 wickets at 17 over the past 4 years but really doubt he would be any where close to being test standard.
  6. superkingdave

    Super 12 - Group 1

    Wonder how many times a spinner ever bowled 4 straight from the first over
  7. superkingdave


    Lol Malan. Has no clue in these conditions. Not sure its gonna cost England in the tournament given our bowling is so poor but
  8. superkingdave

    James Anderson GOAT

    Not having Nasser at point might have helped as well
  9. superkingdave

    *Official Third Test at Headingley* 25-29 August

    Last time England's top 4 all scored 50+? I know we did it in Melbourne 2010 but the amount of times we've been 3/20 of late can't imagine it has happened many times since?
  10. superkingdave

    The Hundred

    You’d expect an 8 team franchise to have better quality than an 18 team T20 comp but it’s been a bit patchy from what I’ve seen. The Manchester Originals side that was put out on Thursday was objectively worse than the Lancashire side for the blast, Buttler, 2 locals plus a bunch of journeyman...
  11. superkingdave

    ***Official*** India vs England 2021 General Discussion thread

    Hameed having a decent enough audition in the warm up game
  12. superkingdave

    *Official* Pakistan in England 2021 (white ball)

    Bit bizarre that from Morgan, especially after the first one
  13. superkingdave

    *Official* Pakistan in England 2021 (white ball)

    Innings from Malan certainly looked liked an invitation to leave him out in the UAE.
  14. superkingdave

    *Official* Pakistan in England 2021 (white ball)

    Mostly late 80s with a few 90/91
  15. superkingdave

    *Official* Pakistan in England 2021 (white ball)

    Surprised that a guy averaging 60 in List A can't get a game with the whole squad out! Some behind the scenes reason?
  16. superkingdave

    *Official* Pakistan in England 2021 (white ball)

    So Stokes, Vince, Parkinson, Mahmood, Jordan, Topley of those who have recently played. Is Pope fit? Good chance to give Hain a go? Ben Duckett? Hales forgiven?
  17. superkingdave

    *Official* Sri Lanka in England 2021 (white ball)

    Why do we ever play in Cardiff. Seems like they’ve never produced a good pitch.
  18. superkingdave

    Group D - Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Scotland

    If Mount can’t play for the last 16 we will move to 343 with Sterling, Kane, another (not Sancho) as the front three. At every decision point Southgate chooses the negative/conservative/defensive option. Would never be happier to be proven wrong, we aren’t good enough defensively to just be able...
  19. superkingdave

    2021 English Cricket Season

    ECB appear to have had Lancs-Derbyshire live stream taken down by youtube with a copyright claim :laugh: Not having their best week
  20. superkingdave

    *Official* New Zealand in England 2021

    Feels like Lawrence and Root are getting a lot of overs here.