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Search results

  1. Son Of Coco

    Ways to preserve: all formats

    Please feel free to list your favourite ways to preserve here. Just off the top of my head, these are the ways I can think of: Home Canning Dehydrating Smoking Vacuum Sealing Fermenting Infusing Freezing Dehydrating Pickling Salting
  2. Son Of Coco

    Quickest part time lover

    It's this bloke for mine:
  3. Son Of Coco

    CW's Dessert Island Discs

    This has taken a while, but over the last few months you've been interviewing CW and the (Insert Your Town/City Here) own (Insert Your Name Here) in the style of Desert Island Discs. There's a fair amount of material, so you won't post it all at once. If you've lived in a hole all your life and...
  4. Son Of Coco

    Love Island Cricketweb

    Inspired by Heef's efforts to bring a bit of TV melodrama to CW, I thought I'd join in (be the ITV to his BBC, if you will) the fun. So, without further delay, let me announce the launch of our very own version of Love Island. Of course, the island will only exist in a virtual space. However...
  5. Son Of Coco

    Omnipresent Oneness

    I think I just achieved it. How is everyone else travelling?
  6. Son Of Coco

    Should Brendon McCullum Be Deported from the Southern Hemisphere If England's Improved Test Match Efforts Prove To Be More Than a Flash in the Pan?

    Gather round my Antipodean friends. We have serious business to discuss given the unconstitutional intervention by a member of our gathering of nations in the quagmire that is typically English cricket. To cut to the chase - England are showing signs of not being the limp-wristed, tin-hearted...
  7. Son Of Coco

    Spam Bot Invasion of CW

    What the hell is going on
  8. Son Of Coco

    Places that you hate

    "Emilia-Romagna" **** off!
  9. Son Of Coco

    Do you care about penalty rates enough to support overs?

    The age old question
  10. Son Of Coco

    James Pattinson Retires From International Cricket

    One of my favourite bowlers. He's everything a bowler should be - fast, handsome, full-chested and a good orator. Everyone thought he had an almost perfect bowling action, apart from his back. Just loved watching him bowl while I massaged the man crush I had on him. There's no way he could have...
  11. Son Of Coco

    (un)Boxing Thread

    How disappointing.
  12. Son Of Coco

    Best Rest Day of a Test Match

    West Indies vs Australia at Barbados in 1976 for mine.
  13. Son Of Coco

    Shane Bond vs Mike Tyson

    Both, at their time, the fastest in the world and, at their peak, among the most unplayable throwers of projectiles ever. Both had careers cut cruelly short. Bond: 18 Tests, 87 wickets at 22.09, strike rate 38.70. Tyson: 58 fights, 50 wins, 44 by KO , 6 losses, 2 no results Who would you pick?
  14. Son Of Coco

    *Official* Circus Thread

    So, the circus season is almost upon us. Should be a fascinating series this year. Fixtures: Ringling Bros.: July 4th-8th Barnum and Bailey: July 13th-17th Circus Oz: July 25th - 29th Flying Fruit Fly Circus: Aug. 2nd - 6th Rajkamal Circus: Aug. 10th - 14th Australian Parliament...
  15. Son Of Coco

    New/fairly unknown player you are rooting

    What are some up and coming players you are enjoying rooting? I will go ahead and name Harry Horsemember from Dubbo. He's a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a riddle. A suave, debonair country guy who can bowl at 145kph with both arms and is a real stallion in the sack. On his day, he...
  16. Son Of Coco

    The Inaugural World Pest Championship

    Should I have made the final?
  17. Son Of Coco

    Best local performances in modern music

    Jenny did a wonderful rendition of "My Heart Will Go On" at the local bowls club last night.
  18. Son Of Coco

    Best yokel performances in modern music

    It's this one for mine.
  19. James

    Server Outage - 01-02-2021

    Apologies for the outage over the last hour everyone. Our server ran out of disk space again. I'll be looking at some extra disk-space for the server as soon as possible.