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Search results

  1. Son Of Coco

    Shane Warne dead at 52

    That's a cracking story. Just quietly though...how good is the first comment!?
  2. Son Of Coco

    *Official* Tennis Thread

    I hope he keeps this going. He's very impressive to watch when he is mainly focused on playing tennis. Especially for a bloke with no coach. Clearly has an abundance of tennis smarts.
  3. Son Of Coco

    Cricket's greatest poem

    He should have been banned for combining 'Australia' and '****' in the one word.
  4. Son Of Coco

    *Official* Tennis Thread

    At the risk of prompting a complete mental breakdown from Kyrgios next time he plays...he does seem to be mentally a bit better than previous years.
  5. Son Of Coco

    2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

    I should have said it's more like synchronised swimming - arms and legs everywhere, a lot of splashing around, and we both have pegs on our noses.
  6. Son Of Coco

    2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

    It's usually a dead heat.
  7. Son Of Coco

    2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

    More silvers is just an indication of what we already know - England excel at coming 2nd.
  8. Son Of Coco

    2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

    It was a shellacking wasn't it!? I watched all bar the last 5 minutes or so, and the Aussies were very impressive.
  9. Son Of Coco


    I haven't logged back in to do anything since I signed up! Will have to get my arse into gear.
  10. Son Of Coco

    2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

    Watching squash doubles at the moment. How someone doesn't get decapitated is anyone's guess. Willstrop looks like he just got out of his casket a half an hour ago to play. The Aussies should take to the court with a ring of garlic around their necks to try to gain the upper hand.
  11. Son Of Coco

    2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

    Ollie Hoare you ****ing legend!
  12. Son Of Coco

    Ed's Custom Title

  13. Son Of Coco

    2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

    Have they tried sticking one up a swimmer's arse and then dropping them in a swimming pool filled with fizzy drink?
  14. Son Of Coco

    The Golf Thread

    Are you talking about graphite shafts in your irons? I don't fully understand what you said happened with the shaft in your driver either.
  15. Son Of Coco

    From the Pavilion

    The new changes coming into effect have made things very interesting. I decided to use most of the cash I got at the end of last season for coming 2nd in both Youth comps plus Senior Twenty 20 to get my academy straight back to 'lavish'. I only dropped back one level overall from where my Youth...
  16. Son Of Coco

    Offical Rugby League Thread

    Just another QLD grub.
  17. Son Of Coco

    * Official * 2022 Commonwealth Games Women's T20

    Looks like Cornwood's pitch down in Devon.
  18. Son Of Coco

    Adjusting the batting average based on actual quality

    All these theories are useless without appying a rigorous scientific method to test them. As the average male's thinking is probably at its clearest and most honest post-ejaculation, I'd suggest the following: 1) Think of a player you want to assess 2) Cup your balls and get an initial reading...
  19. Son Of Coco

    2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

    I think I heard you cheering the Aussie women home not long ago.