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Search results

  1. xanderbiscuits

    Alfonso Thomas = Batsman???

    For the Pune Warriors Alfonso Thomas is down as a batsman, yet he bats at #11 Not that it makes a huge amount of difference, but I was just wondering if there is any reason behind this or if it is a mistake
  2. xanderbiscuits

    hypothetical questions

    I'll start off with a hypothetical question and then people can discuss what they think about it. When the discussion is drying up then someone else can feel free to ask their own hypothetical question Ok here we go: Imagine that you placed Verinder Sehwag, Lasith Malinga and Eoin Morgan in...
  3. xanderbiscuits

    cricketer's tattoos

    since B. McCullum isn't keeping in the IPL you can easily see the tatts that he's rockin' I'm sure they've been on view plenty of times before, but I'd never seen them and I didn't really have the guy pegged to be the type to have one. So what other tattoos have I not been noticing all these...
  4. xanderbiscuits

    England's matches have been the most entertaining

    ..from a neutral point of view. from their first 3 matches: runs scored: 961 runs conceeded: 959 overs played: 297.4 out of a possible 300 # of centuries: 4 # of fifties: 8 # of five wicket hauls: 1 They are not one sided matches either, Eng vs Ned was the most one sided, which is saying...
  5. xanderbiscuits


    There are lots of brothers in the WC squads and it seems that there are always a lot of brothers in cricket more than any other sport at international level? Pakistan - Akmal NZ - McCullum WI - Bravo India - Pathan Ireland - O'Brien Kenya - Ngoche And if Albie Morkle had been selected then...
  6. xanderbiscuits

    minnows united

    what is the strongest 11 on paper you can make from the minnow squads? (Ireland, canada, netherlands, kenya) Must have at least one player from each side setting the bar pretty low, based pretty much on recent performance: Seren Waters (KEN) Alexei Kervezee (NED) Collins Obuya (KEN) Ed Joyce...
  7. xanderbiscuits

    points error?

    Sorry to do this again, but Afridi has been given 33 points 4 wickets = 20 points economy rate = 10 points 13runs = 2 points = 32 points
  8. xanderbiscuits

    Caption: Australian slips

    C'mon guys! Let's wrap this up quick Australian Idol's starting in half an hour!!
  9. xanderbiscuits

    Why does Warner have -7?

    Warner got a 3rd ball duck (not golden) -5pts took one catch 3pts = -2pts But he has been awarded -7 any reason? or is it an error?
  10. xanderbiscuits

    Modifications in Test Series

    I was just wondering a few things about modifications in the test series. Can you only make modifications inbetween tests? or maybe inbetween innings? Also is the change of a Captain still 4 modifications as it was in the World cup competition?
  11. xanderbiscuits


    Does it still cost 4 points to change a captain in the "Start of Summer" fantasy game?
  12. xanderbiscuits

    1 Allrounder or 2?

    Ok This might sound a bit picky and not important, but I have noticed that when you choose your team for the Test Matches at the start of the summer you pick 1 allrounder and 4 bowlers. But when you look at the other teams people have picked it says their teams have 2 allrounders and 3 bowlers...
  13. xanderbiscuits

    One Day World Record

    Ok so today Surrey got the highest total in One Day Cricket 496-4 http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/countycricket2007/content/story/292817.html It just makes you think how far away is 500? And how long until 300 is a small total? Do you think this is just the natural progression of the one...
  14. xanderbiscuits

    Most Physically unfit player.

    Ok so the most physically unfit international player has to be Dwayne Leverock. but what about the most physically unfit test player?
  15. xanderbiscuits

    Bradman's Ultimate XI

    This article is about Bradman's Ultimate XI he chose before he died http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/sports_talk/1488965.stm Barry Richards - South Africa Arthur Morris - Australia Don Bradman - Australia Sachin Tendulkar - India Gary Sobers - West Indies Don Tallon - Australia Ray Lindwall -...
  16. xanderbiscuits

    What is with these late entries?

    Why are there people joining this fantasy cricket so late and why are they all suddenly wanting people to join their leagues? It is really strange with just one match left. It seems like some sort of con but I have no idea what anyone could gain from doing this :S
  17. xanderbiscuits

    Allrounders Vs Batsmen and Bowlers

    Who do you think would win a 3 match series (One Test, One 50 Overs a side, One Twenty20) between a team of allrounders and a WK and a team of Batsmen and Bowlers with a WK? You can imagine any teams you want from any coutries and any time periods.
  18. xanderbiscuits

    Cricket Quiz

    Ok I think that with these you will either know them or you won't. 1. Who has been out to sucessive balls in a match? (Club level) 2. Who was dropped by his father? 3. Who internationally has scored the most unreplied runs before another member of the team scored a run? 4. Who is the only...
  19. xanderbiscuits

    Best All Rounder

    So who do you think is the best all rounder in the game? I think that to judge how "rounded" they are you should think how good they are at their worse discipline. My father thinks Eddie Barlow, but I have never seen any footage so I cannot really say. His statistical record does not really...
  20. xanderbiscuits

    If Bradman was alive today...

    If Don Bradman was alive today how do you think he would fair in today's game? Do you think he would still dominate? He would have to play a lot more international games against more nations including ODIs. Bowlers are quicker and players are faster and stronger. On the other side of the coin...