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Search results

  1. DCC_legend

    Run Up

    Lately I've been struggling with my run-up in matches and occasionaly in nets. I usually bowl off 18-20 paces but every time I run in it seems like i've made the run up too short. This leads to me stuttering my run up, which obviously affects my rhythm, pace and accuracy. It has also led to me...
  2. DCC_legend

    Cricket Bat Repairs

    Just wondering about sanding down the face of my bat. I've had a bit of bat tape on the face for just over a year and peeled it off today and the face is now sticky. I want to sand the face down and knock the bat in and re-apply oil to prepare it for this season. What type of sand paper would be...
  3. DCC_legend

    Batting Problem

    Have been batting well in the nets and have come along in the last few sessions, however, I've been told that I have a problem with the way I hold the bat. Simply, when I play a shot, particularly a drive or defensive, my bat wants to come closer to my legs (i.e. the bat ends up at a slight /...
  4. DCC_legend

    Notts 2008.

    After 2 Relatively unsuccessful seasons Notts were heading into the 2008 season full of expectation. Manager Ethan McNamara still experimenting with different ideas has got the team balanced. With a blend of experience and youth, Notts is looking good for the season ahead. Squad List. Jason...
  5. DCC_legend


    Post your teams results here. First Game- CCB 2nd XI 98/7 after 25 I got 1 wicket for 12 runs off 5 overs. BGS 2nd XI 64/9 after 25 Out for a Second ball duck.
  6. DCC_legend

    ***Official Irish Cricket Thread***

    Got anything to say about irish cricket?? Wheather it be the NCU or the NWCU or the ICU or even the LCU say it here!!1 Any Irish team talk too!!
  7. DCC_legend

    What is the teesra?

    does anyone actually know what the teesra is yet or is Mushy not tellin???
  8. DCC_legend

    Cricket Games on MAC?

    Are there any cricket games that can be played on a mac, i havnt found any!!:@ :@
  9. DCC_legend

    Ncu 2007

    What team are you Playin for in the NCU? Donaghadee 3rds and 2nds for me!! :laugh: